17 September 2010

All Hail Jimmy Choo

after I'm done with Bringing home the Birkin
 by Michael Tonello,

I am now burying myself in The Towering World of Jimmy Choo!

what did Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City? 

"I lost my choo!"  

It's such a great way to promote your brand, Tamara!
yeah! Tamara! not Jimmy!
Tamara Mellon, before was Tamara Yeardye before she married to Matthew Mellon.
Daughter of Tom and Ann Yeardye, who was a fashionista as she was a kid!
She has been wearing Gucci to school as she was in boarding school in England!

Tamara with Jimmy Choos!
and recently captured Tamara and Mindy, her 8 years old daughter!

Actually, there are two different type of Jimmy Choo heels!
one is Jimmy Choo couture, which is a line created by Jimmy Choo himself,
which the heels are really handmade by him!

Jimmy Choo with Jimmy Choo Couture!
Incredibly, he is a Dato' Jimmy Choo as he got his Dato title after his great success in England!
He was from penang initially 

and the other line which is handled by Sandra Choi (niece of Jimmy's wife), Tamara, and the Yeardyes family is JIMMY CHOO!
I could say that Tamara was the main role in the whole business as she was the one with the idea of starting the company and everything!
the most Important thing that she had ever done to promote the line Jimmy Choo which was that time the rival of Manolo Blahnik!

 Sandra Choi

Tamara and Marilyn Heston had to fly off to US for the Academy Award with 60 pairs of heels in 7 designs and all in white!
They offer it to those stars and they could dye the heels into the colour that suit the dress of the actress!

The most spectacular thing they had ever done is by making a heels for Cate Blanchett for the award. and Cate, who has a unique personal style is willing to take the odd fashion risk by accepting Tamara's offer to her which is to make a pair of heels in the same tone of her dress, which is eggplant in colour, and Tamara told her that they will make the shoes with diamond. Real Diamonds. 

and because of that news, everyone was very curious, newspaper, magazine and even Vogue wrote about it!
All of the people attention was driven to Cate's feet!
but suddenly, the shoes was too small and Cate couldn't wear it. Tamara was really panic and had her friend, to help her with the pearl arranging and dying of the heels into eggplant!
and fortunately everything ended up smoothly!

once, Tamara went this tee for the shop opening party!
"I think I'm in love with my shoe
I was sure that it felt the same, too
'till it happened to mention
with heartless intention
"I'm dating a gold Jimmy Choo"

Jimmy Choo was actually a so called new born shoes company compared to the old rival, Manolo Blahnik.
but the achievement was not bad as in 2004, the company had already earned the amount of $16.8 million by selling 74,000 pair of heels! under the guidance of Robert Bensoussan.

and that really bring a golden time to Jimmy choo.

fyi, there is a Jimmy Choo heels named same like mine!

 Jimmy Choo "Gilbert"


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credit: Mark Seymour Photography and their respectful owner of the photos.
GANDA does not claim any ownership over the photos posted above.


Kalyana Dewi said...

I love this post so much <3
All heels are succesfully make me drool over them ! Jimmy Choo is fabulous

Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

love this post ;) all shoes is awesome! and i want theeeem xD

check mine

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

his shoes collections are always incredible!!


mirramie said...

i want them! who doesn't love Jimmy Choo


michelle_ said...

awesome post :)

lalita tian said...

all hail jimmy choo!
thanks for sharing, bert :)

AlvianaKalin said...

Jimmy Choo is awesome!!!! thanks for sharing the post :)

Veren Lee said...

give me a pair of chooooo! :B

Wynne Prasetyo said...

Jimmy Choo always leaves me with my jaw dropped. gosh he's a shoe genius!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

great shoes for night event. . :)



Vinda Sonata said...

those are really nice. i love choo's designs. thx for sharing yaa gilbert :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

love the shoes and the movie sex and the city

im following you =)

Abi said...

Jimmy Choo came on my radar through SATC! They do make some lovely shoes!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Abi said...

Jimmy Choo came on my radar through SATC! They do make some lovely shoes!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

re: hahaha bukan itu kmrnya febri. gw blom pindahan kok. hehehe bangunannya bru 2/3 gt

F i K a said...

just thinking when can I buy of the choo's :p..hahaha..those heels are gorgeous!!

anw,thankss for all your wishes for my wedding..and it's not like a fairytale at all since I'll use a traditional custom with the heavy 'sunting' from Aceh and Padang..one in the night and the other in the next day from noon til night..just hope that I won't die because of it..hahahaha

Margaret said...

love love love. i wish jimmy choo did more platforms though!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx
take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

jamie-lee said...

j'adore! just love alllll these shoes x


Theresia Natalie said...

ah, I just knew that Jimmy choo has his handmade shoes. Really handmade! wow cool!
Thanks for sharing

Natalie's blog

My Republic of Fashion said...

Love this Choo post. :)SarahD

Liz said...

Choo makes awesome shoes. if only theyre not so expensive.. :(

anw thanks for your comment in my blog :D I used the curve tool in photoshop for my last blogpost. got inspired by nirrimi's blog post (google her.. she have an awesome blog.)

u have a gday :)


michelle_ said...

this is a great post !
love that orange backpack !


Agustina Selviana said...

love this post! really great shoes from him. nice blog here, check my blog :D


kirstyb said...

love jimmy choo everything xxxxxxxxx

ellevictoire said...

tell me what you think of the book! i might just get it for myself :)

oh and i've come VERY close to falling asleep in class. not yet though :P

michellehendra said...

well, i must say they look super gorgeous love! :D

thanks for your thoughtful comment. you make my day! :D


Michelle said...

OMG i looovee shoes!!!
nice blog! love ur blog! and just click the follow button :D
re: thank u for the comment, btw thank u, u told me that i'm featured on teen vogue,actually i didn't knew before :p

Susan said...

nice post bert! I baru tau yg Tamara itu design bt Jimmy Choo juga :)) Her daughter is so fab just like her mom!

vivi said...

cute bag! i hope you win the giveaway :)

and for your comment, no i don't. but i was there for holidays, and stayed at my family's apt.
thank you for ur comment ko gilbert :D

Vinda Sonata said...

halo gilbert. thank u uda di link.,
skrg di link balik ya :)
thank u untuk feedbacknya. that means a lot lho.
gilbert sk creative writing jg? :) ato ada cita2 jd writer/journalist/editor dll? :)

Hanna said...

Amazing post! I love jimmy choo so much, his shoes are so gorgeous!


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys , I took that photograph of Jimmy and it resides in the National portrait gallery in London. Would be nice to be asked if you can use it or at least give me a credit
Mark Seymour