29 January 2010

If you wanna other to respect you then you should respect other first

28 January 2010


click! for the

vote for KOMODO to be the part of them too! as komodo is the only dragon on earth
vote for KOMODO vote for INDONESIA!

"komodo the only dragon on earth"

vote for Indonesia as Indonesia loves you


ps: I am not being bias but komodo is really the shrine in the center of the world

I want!


fashion show presented in paris on 21st of January 2010


topman newsletter and I am sure you like it

well, I am done with my sketch and wish me luck okay?



26 January 2010

hey peeps!
I have been busy with my young designers design
and now I am still doing it
enjoy the show!


20 January 2010

the zebra and prints

shades-zara, tops-bysi, tights-zara, flats-substance

location sovereign hill, melbourne,australia


16 January 2010



I was so so so bored nowadays and I wish for holyday so that I could go back to my beloved hometown
okay, so about this picture, I was drawing sowhatever and then suddenly marilyn monroe came on my mind so I decided to draw her although it doesn't look like her but i still love it much

so how's u people life? good? i hope so


14 January 2010

please please and PLEASE

featuring: vaute couture

I just found this on teenvogue and its cool babe :) but i am not sure where is it avaiable and bla bla bla so fyi go visit teen vogue

okay, apologize me for being late and oh HAPPY NEW YEAR and i know its kinda kinda late for it but as what the phrase always said: something is better than nothing rite? so I wanna wish you all have a happy berry vogue christmas

I have to tell you all peopas a thing

" I know myself better than anyone so PLEASE don't talk anything bad about me! "