30 April 2011

Calm down you can still marry Harry.

Well, fairytale do exist, it just happened. few hours ago.
I have been stick to the laptop for totally 6 hours. 

today, Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton has officially became Princess Catherine, though she couldn't really address herself as a Princess as she wasn't born in a royal family.


and the couple themselves became the Duke and Duchess after being conferred the Dukedom by the Queen.

Everyone was so curious as what Kate or Princess Catherine will be wearing, news heard was that she was the one designing her own wedding dress, Huffington Post’s royal’s correspondent, is reporting that Sophie Cranston has designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, some source said that Bruce Oldfield, and etc. The curiosity of everyone was finally answered when we spotted the white glimpse from the Rolls Royce Phantom VI.

royal wedding 3
Here come the princess! in the Alexander McQueen lacy dress by Sarah Burton!

I just don't get the point where people said the dress wasn't come to their expectation, I feel that she totally rock this dress, this dress just look so lovely on her!
She was shaking when she was walking in the aisle with her dad!

Imagine, people from all over the world, watching your wedding, how will you feel?
royal wedding 5
She was waving to the public! who doesn't love her?

Kate was wearing the Cartier "Halo" Tiara lent from the Queen.

seems like everything related to the wedding has its own meaning as the not-so-good-looking flower arrangement also has its own meaning, made of the 4 types of flowers, representing the Great Britain.
royal wedding 4
With Kate's dad when about to say the vow.
Well, she didn't said his name wrongly as what some princesses had did before.  
(including Lady Diana, who I doubt was watching up there, proud of her big boy)
royal wedding 2
Congratulation to Prince William and Princess Catherine! Happy for you!

and they kissed! better still, they kissed twice!

royal wedding 1
"I'd advice women to stop watching. This Wedding will make yours look like shit" 
tweeted by Tommy Wee

images are from e!online and getty images

26 April 2011

Noël Caleb

Noel Caleb1

Well, you guys might have seen some of their pieces featured on the last post, 
and they were actually having a challenge for bloggers to dress ourselves or our readers wearing their clothing!

so we decided to pick up this piece called "Marcia", a very versatile piece I could say.
 the material is soft and comfortable and the best thing is its suitable to be worn for a formal and casual occasion. So here we are showing you how you could style it for both occassion.

Noel Caleb4
For the casual look, we decided pair it up with the Miu Miu bow satchel in grey and the mickey mouse cap to add in more hippie touch!

Noel Caleb3

For the formal look, we chose the YSL Clutch and threw in a cropped blazer to make the look more formal!
Model was wearing watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs, necklace from Svarovski and pumps from Jessica Simpson.
Noel Caleb2

4-heelsonly copy

Talent and MUA: Novella, Photographer: Angeline. Wardrobe: Model's own and top courtesy of Noel Caleb.

Anyway, we hope that you guys will vote for us.
Just go to Noël Caleb facebook page, click "like"
then u guys will see the post made by them,

I am the finalist number 3, and I really really hope you guys will help me to vote!
that means a lot for me

not to mention the prize will be the apparels chosen by us, the next season outfit and of course tickets to their fashion show, for us, and of course for one of our readers too (no worry, its a pair, so u can bring ur couple) and it might be you! :)

Thank you!

22 April 2011

Ballerina Diaries

As forwarded the email by Gilbert, I found out that this new local brand, Noël Caleb, is really unique.
designed by Raffles Design Institution Fashion Design graduate, Shannon Lee. I love how he was inspired by the femininity, beauty and the grace of the Parisian ballerinas without making the collection too girly at the same time.
It is a combination of float and flounce – from gentle layers, chiffon and drapes to structural strength with twists and binds.
Without further ado, let me show you some of his masterpieces.

“I took the idea of what the ballerina would wear in and out of her dancing routine. I was inspired by the silhouettes of their stage costumes and wanted to translate them into something wearable yet distinctly reminiscent that of a ballerina.” – Shannon Lee, fashion designer

on the other hand, beside just selling clothes, they do sell some cakes as well.

Additional information I have just received is that Noel Caleb will be participating in Blueprint tradeshow with their Cruise collection (19 – 20 May), but will also be having seasonal and sample sales on the current collection during Blueprint Emporium (21 – 22 May 2011), which is open to public and will be at Marina Bay Sands Hall B. 

Aren't you excited? All of us are just so excited to see the next collection. fyi, we had took some piece of clothes from them and we think we must share with you guys that their clothing are really comfortable, the material and cutting. perfect!

For more info, pls visit www.blueprint.sg  

for more information, please check out Noël Caleb website!

19 April 2011

Meet the Model, Dillon.

So after the Inaugural Mens' Fashion week, I managed to know some of the gorgeous who do catwalk almost everyday!

So here it is! Dillon Rosel, 21, a half Dutch half American model, who is incredibly tall, six feet three inches and traveled around the world for modelling since last January when he decided to shave off his long hair! 
Double black campaign. 
you can check out the video here, click on Adv, and click backstage! 
His most memorable experience will be when he actually walked for Versace last year, 
he said that it was his sickest experience ever.

The Versace backstage photos!
This guy loves to talk and he is indeed of the friendliest model I've met and he said the most compliment he got are mostly about his lips, but there is this girl who actually told him that she would want to make love with his hair!

anyway, MFW was not the first time I saw him. Back during the club21b + tsumori chisato event I had already spotted him walking for some of the brands!

For game addict like Guitar hero, maple stories, and halo reach, you can actually have him as ur playmate! yeah he is a hardcore game-addict!
and for those who usually hang around attica, le noir, tanjong, you will easily spot this guy!
anyway, check out his video with Razor Tv! 
and he is going back to Holland or States soon, so you might not be able to see him walk for Audi Fashion week!
All photos are courtesy of Dillon.

16 April 2011

The Inaugural Mens' Fashion Week

Big thanks to the Word of Mouth Communication team who was so kind to invite me to the first and most prestigious fashion week ever in Singapore Fashion history, The Mens' Fashion Week 2011.
It is not only the first one in Singapore, but It is indeed, the first one in South East Asia!
So here are some compilation of the shows that I managed to attend!
Bodybound by Kim Choong Wilkins is the first show that Fhenny and I attended, Thanks God I had a companion for the night. Awesome was the word to describe this whole collection. The future forward style and the craftmanship in every single piece of clothings featured. My favorite pick will definitely be the sparkling sweater with spiked sleeves later on featured on Designare Homme Magazine with my favourite model in it, Carlos Macedo, shown above.
The brand that had started back in 2009 was using black as the colour theme
and in Bodybound,
There is nothing masculine about being reserved, Menswear needs to be dazzling again, and that is what we strive for.

Read more about Kim-Choong Wilkins A/W 2011 collection here

 Passion by David Gan.
Fashion by Jason
This is probably one of the best collaboration between local fashion designer and local hair stylist.
David Gan is no other than the hair maestro in Singapore and featuring the new comer in the local fashion industry, Jason by JR Chan.
The collection kept everyone wondering because no news were given before the show and definitely it was exciting since it was the first all male models hair show ever done by our own celebrity hair stylist.
When the fashion show started, men models led by Phillip Huang, the face of the MFW 2011, entered the stage and bringing the feeling of the primitive with the long textured hair, definitely credit to the hair maestro. The collection was simply stunning especially the accessories they are wearing. I was particularly dragged my attention to the stacked crescent necklace.
Overall the whole collection was breathe-taking and definitely showing what fashionable cavemens will wear.
Jason is available in local concept store, Hide&Seek.
and it was indeed one of the shows with the most number of local artistes as the first row seaters, name some like Fann Wong, Fiona Xie, Pat Mok, and Belinda Lee.
Shanghai Tang
 Shanghai Tang was one of the show that I was looking forward with my mom and grandma a fan of this Hongkong Brand. Shanghai Tang show was indeed a bit different with the addition of the female models as the spices in the show. One thing that I totally love about Shanghai Tang that is they never forget to have a little bit touch of Chinese in the collection and in this collection is definitely The Mandarin Collar which definitely will make its comeback!

And definitely, thanks Shanghai Tang for the goodie bag!

So after Shanghai Tang, Silvia and I were looking for Bryanboy, and at last..
I think I am just so lucky!
psssttt.... I met the handsome VJ Utt too!
all photos are courtesy of Fashionide.com and Silvia Siantar

13 April 2011

Watch the Burberry Event with us!

Join Us here to watch the Burberry Beijing Event LIVE here on 13th April 2011, 8.30 pm onwards (Singapore Time)

The British band Keane will also be performing at the event and this will be their first time performing in China.

*please note that the time is estimated

 Christopher Bailey and Keane 

 "I love the creativity, vibrancy and history of China with its exciting and dynamic energy and it is a huge privilege to be flying the flag for Britain in the magnificent city of Beijing connecting all of our global communities to celebrate everything Burberry represents today from music, to heritage and innovation." - Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer  

12 April 2011

11 April 2011

Queen for a Day.

Well, as I promised, I will show some of the photos during my bash which is almost a month ago, well, that feeling of being the queen for a day, as the second time will be when you gonna tie your knot, which for me, won't be so soon.
Everything was wonderful, although it wasn't really a BIG massive one, but with close friends and family around, what can you ask for more?

Anyway, we have added a PLAYLIST section, featuring some of our current favorites, we will always keep it updated. Hope you guys like it!

9 April 2011

Burberry Spring/Summer 2011

 We wanted to create a dynamic, evolving campaign that reflects the diversity of our broad global costumer, revealing new British cast members each month, all with their own identity, embodying the different attitudes of Burberry guy and girl. We shot the campaign on Brighton beach to celebrate the great British outdoors and our history of supporting emerging talent and to bring to life the emotion behind protection from the elements.
-Christoper Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Director 

Burberry announced new cast members for April as part of its dynamic ad campaign for Spring Summer 2011. In line with the Burberry heritage of discovering and nurturing emerging British talents, the April ad campaign features young actress Sophie Kennedy-Clark and actor Matthew Beard

Can you feel the breeze of colors on their collection? I am so dying for the red trench! but that plastic trench is a big NO.

© Copyright Burberry

3 April 2011


Well, thanks to Mens Fashion Week that gave me the opportunity to meet with so many stars.
So yesterday, I got the chance to have a photo taken with Utt, the voice of MFW Asia after the
Shanghai Tang show.

UTT for the MFW 2011 Daily Post yesterday.

1 April 2011

Katie Who?

Katie Fogarty for the April issue of Elle Russia, the model wears a casual preppy wardrobe filled with denim and letterman jackets from designers Prada, Isabel Marant, Tommy Hilfiger, Paul & Joe & etc. This 18 years old US born model is just too pretty to be true, I love her eyes and her tall body posture, imagine 178cm for a girl!

I seriously need a skirt like this! 

tell me where can I get the ankle boots! 

Photographed by Tesh and styled by Hortense Manga

Source: Tumblr