31 January 2012

Japan Photo Diary

Finally! We are back and ready to bomb you with our latest photos from our winter trip to Japan!
Well for the 4th year consecutively, we have been spending our Christmas and New Year on board! Well, but nevermind, indeed the trip was a very joyful one since traveling together won't be that easy anymore when university life started.
 This was indeed a very lucky shoot this coca cola machine with the bicycle when the bus stop during the traffic light! and don't you just love Gladys new fury Hello Kitty backpack from the Sanrio Land! Kawaii!
Taken mostly at Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The weather was pretty good as the temperature was really low but with no wind blowing, it seems to be pretty alright. Good thing that we got to see snow again! And after some self-convince, we tried the onsen at the end! another new experience!

15 January 2012


Here is my first purchase of the year. Something classic from Movado, the Museum Collection.
I just fell in love with it on the first sight, which happened last year but finally I got it. Prove that Matthew 7:7 is true. Ask and you will be given. For the first time I fell in love for something because of its simplicity. But Movado always have that classiness with every single piece of its timepiece.
Definitely a good way to start a year, probably a reminder to make me more on time in this new year, on the other hand, a good excuse for me to cheat on stop abusing my Rolex Daytona which I have been wearing for the past two years.