28 February 2012


Glady the blog rescuer is back! It was indeed a really quick shot before we headed for Suki Dinner although the sky might seem a bit too bright still. She is in the Neutral moods that she decided to give it a go with this beige assymetric top from the Hong Kong brand, Kitterick. paired it with some unbranded shorts, and the U.R.S wedges *love the ankle strap*, and Vintage Louis Vuitton Epi Saint Cloud that are no longer on sale.
Interesting fact about the bag is that it has been passed down from generation through generation, from my grandma to my mom and eventually the bag got lost inside the closet till when we did Spring Cleaning, I remember finding this bag sitting on the corner of the wardrobe with its dust bag on and when I unveiled it, it was the Epi Saint Cloud that had not been produce for quite a while. Since then it has been one of the to go bag for both my sisters!

Indeed, the shades are found in Grannie's possesion as well! Till we get more treasures from her!
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