17 April 2012

Red Boots

Gladys is back! With her simple to-go outfit! A tee plus a comfy jeans won't go wrong definitely! And this time round choosing red and blue and white as the theme colour, well it is not yet the 4th July but whatever! This favorite tee of her from the Australian brand, seed, is unfortunately ruined when it was washed since it got some colour transfer! Which mean, my shirt with the same pattern will have to be alone!
Well, this pair of Docs might have bored most of you but definitely not the new owner, since Gracia never even wear it anymore. Docs have been the shoes that she would wear beside flats since you don't want that unwanted glare when a secondary school student wear heels to the shopping centre.
 Seed top, Uniqlo jeans, Stradivarius bag and Doc Martens red boots.