26 June 2012

Jet Lag

 Well, not that I am still feeling jet-lag. Honestly I didn't even it at all. My body could operate as normal as possible starting from the first day I reached Melbourne. It is this song by Simple Plan that is reminding me much of my beloved ones back at home, and definitely gonna be the song I gonna sing in the shower! Like seriously, although it's just a 4 hours difference, 3 hours for this season, trying to figure out the times sometimes still drive you crazy, when you wake up everyone back home is still sleeping! And knowing the fact that yourself is just so faraway, definitely make your heart feel a lil bit of Jet-Lag.
Now, I am sounding like someone who had never been faraway from home before, but looking back to the past 8 months that passed so quickly, the fun, the coziness and all the warmth I received definitely make me feel a lil bit of homesickness. No, I am not homesick. I am just missing them.
 Thanks God I won't be alone anymore in a few months time!
Enough with the ramblings, here are some of the photos we took at the rest station during our journey from Jakarta to Bandung! The mood for Denim is definitely still there!

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18 June 2012

Floral Denim

Hi this is me, Gilbert, posting from the cold Melbourne! My hands are freezing as I am typing this *heater doesn't work* and I know that I am the laziest blogger ever, like who updates this blog once in a while, but pardon me for that. So here it is, a set of daily outfit photos of Gracia taken during our short trip to Jakarta few weeks back.
Since Denim is so in trend this season, My sister definitely wouldn't want to give it a miss.
Wearing the floral denim top and shorts both from Stradivarius, paired the outfit with the comfiest booties she got from our trip back in Japan last year! She even wear them for a non-stop several hours shopping! without a blisters!

Thanks for reading!
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