16 July 2014


 Finally the bad bad blogger is back! After I don't know how many months, I don't even want to count it anymore but nonetheless, we will always try to improve and take this more seriously but sometimes we just need to get our priorities right. Life has been good so far anyway and to celebrate that an outfit with such a bright colour as kiwi is definitely appropriate.

This turtleneck sleeveless dress was from Dotti, one of our favourite Australian brands. Shot this at our backyard as to emphasize more on the summery vibes that we got back in Medan (comparing it to here, in Melbourne, where it is freezing!) and to top up the look, we paired a snakeskin-embossed clutch with the same colour from another Australian brand, Forever New and just to balance the colour a bit, the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bracelet in Fuschia so at least there was a contrast there.

Anyway, photos of our trip to China would be uploaded soon! for now, enjoy them on our instagrams!
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18 February 2014


 I was talking with an old girlfriend of mine and she was telling me that she just found some vintage 80s Chanel bags from her mom wardrobe and after looking at those colourful bags (I was impressed as nobody in my family actually collected colourful vintage bags, most are just black bags) I immediately remembered those pairs of vintage Versace, Roccobarocco, Escada pants that we kept in the storage!

After a few hours of searching we finally found the bag of treasures and this pair of Vintage Versace jeans with Piñata prints on it was one of them!

 We immediately thought of doing a 1980s kinda outfit with crop top and lots of pop colours! We also matched the outfit with lots of vintage brooches, big gold earring and of course, a Vintage Celine bag would do no wrong! Adding a little bit of gold and silver here and there including the pair of Silver lace up creepers from Charles and Keith.

Having lots of vintage items in possession is also an advantage when you suddenly have a theme party, or just feeling like doing something more retro and vintage! Like honestly, we did not even remember these vintage items exist until the chat began.. But at least now we remember that we have pants that will match the next Cinco de Mayo party!

17 February 2014

LIVE on GANDA : Burberry Prorsum Womenswear A/W14

With much respect and love, we cordially invite you, our loyal readers and friends, to watch together with us, the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 show LIVE here, on our blog. Not long ago, we just had the live-streaming for the menswear collection and without doubt we have to say that we were delighted with what was shown.

I personally, had also went to their Press Walk Through event in Singapore where I met Kak Askarina from Burberry Indonesia, and my two favourites Ling and Sue from Burberry Singapore. It is always such a pleasure to be surrounded by these lovely people, as you get to learn from them and what I totally enjoyed around them was the thing we talked about wasn't merely about fashion. I mean, we all love fashion, but life is so much more than just that.

The Spring/Summer collection was already so fascinating and breath-taking that I am so eager to see what will be shown in their Autumn/Winter collection. Afterall, we all know that Christopher Bailey never fail. And as always, these would be shoot live from an iPhone 5s!

So, without much ado, Stay tune and come back soon tonight in 9pm (GMT +7), 10pm (GMT+8)