The Ganda Siblings.
Being in a family who believes more in handbags rather than footwear, Gracia continues to take that trait and keep that as her personal belief. Getting handed down a vintage Chanel Classic Flap when she was 14, Gracia started to learn more about designer handbags, since then, her love and affection towards them grows. Vogue, Bazaar and ELLE have always been her textbooks

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Being the one who always beg to differ, Gilbert believes more in designer footwear compared to bags. All along, memorizing name of bags and shoes has been way easier for Gilbert compared to memorizing all the Chemistry Formula. Majoring in Architecture, Gilbert believes that a beautiful building is just as equal as a beautiful dress. Gilbert also believes in quality over quantity when it comes to shoes and bags. 

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"When I'm hungry, I don't eat. I shop"

A Music Maestro (pianist, cellist and violinist), who started to walk in her momma's heels when she was 4 around the walk-in wardrobe.
Being the youngest in the family, Gladys is one of the most self-less babies who doesn't steal clothes out of her mom or sister closet, but instead letting her closet raid.
Still a big fan of hello kitty and anything girly and recently turned into a pastry chef.

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"Remember, we are the Gandas, 
we don't have to be like everyone else."