8 December 2010


wearing dress from Indo Online Shop by Jessy&Elle Yamada, Gowigasa.
to spend this afternoon before she went for her piano tuition. wear it with the Zara outerwear, mom's hat and bracelet

Having precious time spent here in Medan, and time went by so fast as I gonna be back to the lion city in the next 10 days! OH!
It never came to my mind that I will be back to that city again. *exception for holiday.
and just heard bout the news that we need to pay tax when we bought something more than 250USD, or 1000USD per family. seriously, what type of rules is that?

can the government stop making these of non-sense?

this one looks ugly duh!

I really beg for your apologize if I couldn't reply your comments! but I promise, I will do so soon!