31 January 2011


End this mont of January with Some Golden Voices, 

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well, this month hasn't been really good to me, unsatisfied academic result, the reason why this month isn't good. I have been totally out of interest to study! I think I never take school seriously. Just realize. uugh So let's just wish February is a good one :) Cheers


*ps, I'm hitting back home in less than 48 hours time! what's more exciting rather than be home?

anyway, Tiffany from Tiffany's Record torn her Louboutin lace-up! Oops! 

26 January 2011

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2011

You know John Galliano never fail..

Bold Red lips, layering and bright colours seems to be colouring the runway. The Collection itself was inspired by the illustrations by RenĂ© Gruau. The layered lady-like skirt was the most eye-catching item on the runway, the cutting, colors and layering are just perfect!

 Below: a yay or nay?

Below: Polar Bear, John?

Below: Hanbok look-alike? No?


source: getty images

16 January 2011


It was the most anticipated of Mens Fashion Week in Milan, and the great thing was we were able to watch them "LIVE" online, and the song "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" as the opening song did gave the feel of constrained sadness. Rains pour literally during the end of the show, which left me with a deep memory of Fall-Winter 2011 Mens Burberry Prorsum, with all the models wearing the transparent raincoats. Order for the Bags and Coats are available directly after the show.

Notice that the 2nd model almost slipped when the rain poured, and the 4th model was laughing at him. LOL!