29 July 2012

Fashion in Melbourne

People always say, if you want to do something related to fashion, go to Paris.
That might be true if you are talking about years back but definitely not now.
Melbourne is a great choice for you, the new emerging designers, as I do realize that Melbourne is a city where new talents are very much appreciated and given the chance to be the rising star.

Fashion scene in Melbourne is totally different with what I have seen in either Singapore or Indonesia. Whenever I walk down the street, I can always see the diversity of style from every individual that never fail to amaze me. They always have something different to offer, no Birkin or Kelly but people still manage to look effortlessly chic. Another thing I love from the fashion scene here is no one actually judge what others are wearing, no stare or glare or finger pointing. Everyone is unique and confident to walk down the street like it's their own runway
Although the real runway will soon be set up as the most anticipated Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is approaching!
In less than two months time, the 18th Melbourne Spring Fashion Week will start!
MSFW, how they called it, is a fashion week organized by the City of Melbourne, with the purpose not just to showcase the newest collections by the local designers, but also a great opportunity for people, especially those who are still new, including myself, to see the hidden treasures of this beautiful city.
 Some designers that will showcase their brand including Alice McCall, Aurelio Costarella, Dress Up, FAT, and more.
And this year is the first year where MSFW is not having just one but four faces at the same time! 
 This year, the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, with the theme "Be Inspired" will run from 3rd to the 9th of September! I am excited, are you?
Lots of RMIT Fashion students will also showcase their own very personal collection!
 Grab your tickets here.

27 July 2012

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

When it comes to Yayoi Kusama, you know it's all about POLKADOT! Yes ALL!
If Minnie did exist, she would wear every single piece from the collection!

Well, I have yet to see the "Infinitely Kusama" collection by myself but I am not going to talk about that in this post.
Instead, I am going to show you the classic pieces from the second batch of the collaboration between the japanese artist and Louis Vuitton.

All photos credit goes to JK, who was given the chance to sneak preview the collection of bags which will just be launched in 7th of September!! Aren't you excited?

The Neverfull MM with red dots completed with scarf
Papillon 26, patent leather version is already launched!
Monogram Town Speedy will be retailing for SGD1530 and will come in 5 different colours.
My favorite will be this Keepal55 in green and this would definitely be a perfect travel in style bag!
Zippy Wallet in Yellow.
JK modelling the Neverfull MM with a pink dress and pink heels from Sam Edelman.

The family photo!
I am so eager to wait for this collection to launch soon and the bright colours just couldn't stop reminding me of the past Stephen Sprouse collection which excited me a lot years back. I am regretting the fact that I did not get the sneakers though! *sobs*

amd I definitely love these pieces more compared to the first batch of the collection.

Thanks to Madlove for the photos and have a great weekend guys!
I am going to see new apartment tomorrow! *excited*

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25 July 2012

Marion Cottilard in Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Yes, it is no other than Marion Cotillard, the face of Dior, who rocked this vintage looking dress from Dior Haute Couture Collection at the London premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. 

Raf's debut in Dior Haute Couture Collection had gain pro and cons as some said that his collection is too simple and minimalist for Haute Couture, while some on the other hand said that he is creating a modern version of Haute Couture.

Honestly, if it has to be compared with what Galliano had done in the past few years, this collection is definitely fall into the minimalist category and that extravagant feel is missing.

But overall Cotillard look awesome in this whole Dior dress with the red Manolo BB pumps and Dior clutch, and her lipstick and hairstyle just make the whole look perfect.

Anyway, finally done with almost all the assignment and I could finally enjoy my bed! 

21 July 2012

Blue Lace

Exactly a month after the grand opening of the Trans Luxury Hotel, we managed to spare some time during our Jakarta trip to go to Bandung to try out this newly-launched six stars hotel.
Well, the hotel is amazing, let's talk about the fresh roses, lilies, peonies and orchids arrangement, the beautiful sofas and oh the very nice staircase, wish I could stay there forever.
So, the first thing I love about this hotel is that they provide unlimited ACQUA DI PARMA toiletries! That alone had stolen my heart since I always find that packing for toiletries are the most horrible thing to do since you never want them to leak all over your clothes!
So definitely no worry if you plan to stay here! It also left you with more space in your luggage!

It was my first time visiting Bandung and to my surprise, it has lots of branded stores, name some like Red Valentino, Tod's, Hugo Boss, Furla and Versace Kids is opening soon!

And yes the hotel have that nice buffet breakfast, and Bandung is just another food heaven! I am so loving the Klapper Tart!

The only thing that was not that satisfying about the hotel was the connection of wi-fi which keep on disconnecting! 

Indeed, the hotel remind me a lot of the hotels where almost everyone go and play their poker games, The Venetian, although Trans doesn't have the painted sky ceiling, it is still luxurious and the staffs are amazingly friendly and helpful.
We tried the gym and spa as well! and they do a very good laundry too!
 The photos were taken before we went to have our dinner on the rooftop of the hotel! The view was unbelievably breathe-taking while you watch at the night view of the city of Bandung blending together with the dark starry night! If you follow my instagram : @gilbertganda you probably can see the foods I had there!

Gracia was wearing the blue lace dress from Topshop Dress Me Up.

"Glamour is an attitude, its the expression of a certain kind of confidence. A glamorous woman is always elegant, but she also possesses an air of mystery and excitement. Shes dramatic, almost untouchable." - Ralph Lauren

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18 July 2012

Juste un Clou

"For a student who need to nail every single subjects, he/she will need the help of "nail" to nail everything"

Well, that is simply just an excuse because I couldn't find a reason not to get every single piece from the newly-launched Juste un Clou collection! You might have seen the bent nail design before, but logically, Cartier's version is far less grungy and way more luxurious.

This is indeed a very different design with the previous LOVE collection but I find this collection no less appealing. Indeed I find it more masculine than the love!

The one I was eyeing for, the yellow gold version, is retailing at AUSD 7,150 and that is definitely forcing me to take a few steps back. But everyone can dream, don't they?

But if money is not a problem, definitely this is the bracelet you should get to the accessories family! The price range from $3,000 up $35,000 for those encrusted with diamonds!

I definitely put this on top of my wishlist soon!

1 July 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2013

Colour was the only thing could see from the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation!
Indeed, this is something TOTALLY different with what Ferragamo usually offer, the usual very formal and sleek design and in the very dark hue. This time round I could say, the classiness is still there but with some fun touch in it! The colours! They are just so spring and summer. LURVE IT!

The only thing I find it distracting was THE SHOES!! Those gym training shoes are just so distracting! The whole look will be more perfect if they match it with some bright coloured loafers or at least leather sneakers. But still, that doesn't make it less appealing for me since I was totally hypnotized by this particular collection! Maybe I am just too weak for pretty clothes and colours!

These are just a few of my favorite picks, and I could see what I wanna wear in the next Spring! The only problem will be the amount of money that I will need to spend in order to have a wardrobe filled with all the Ferragamo labels! Blah! But nevertheless, this is my favorite show during Milan Fashion Week 2012!

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