14 January 2010

please please and PLEASE

featuring: vaute couture

I just found this on teenvogue and its cool babe :) but i am not sure where is it avaiable and bla bla bla so fyi go visit teen vogue

okay, apologize me for being late and oh HAPPY NEW YEAR and i know its kinda kinda late for it but as what the phrase always said: something is better than nothing rite? so I wanna wish you all have a happy berry vogue christmas

I have to tell you all peopas a thing

" I know myself better than anyone so PLEASE don't talk anything bad about me! "

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michelle_ said...

the blue color is stunning !

thanks for the lovely comments darling.
appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
keep posting up great inspirations..
x. Michelle..
glisters and blisters :D