9 March 2010

and now the mouth can't stop eating

Another few from the collection. Excuse me as they are my first clothes sketches as there might be some quite not proportionals area of the body, but everything was done in less than 3 x 24hrs time!


and this! i fell in love with this on the first sight!


containing: kiwis, strawberries, pudding, melon, sunkist, blueberry, yogurt, vanilla ice creams, corn flakes and banana with some syrups :)
from BENTEN cafe, iluma

That was HUGE! I MEAN HUGE! it was meant for 3 person but I managed to finish it!
Oh Gosh, I need to hit the gym soon!


kot-itsa said...

oh!!i want to eat it all!!!

michelle_ said...

benten cafe dmn yah ?
itu makanan kek nya enakk

thanks much for the comments dear !
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stellectism said...

you make me drool with the dessert gilbert! i'm so going to try it (:

Dian Prad said...

wow, u do sketching too? i love your sketch,
and i agree the Alice real give a flow of inspiration to my design too
I do the sketching too, maybe u can visit mine :)
nice to know you Gilbert..

and im drooling on your yoghurt

Forever and Ever By Dian Prad

grizelda said...

woah! love yar sketches :) i made some too
:) haha


Dian Prad said...

hey gilbert, thanks for visiting back, followed you already..
Yeah i did put some skethes, few months ago, maybe i will put more sketches on my blog, inspiring by you, you know what had really good sketches..
Forever and Ever By Dian Prad