18 March 2010

the bee does talk!

After knowing this pretty bee for a 11 months,
 I decided to interview the owner of GOWIGASA YAMADA SHOP (click to see their collections)

(and that's Elissa Yamada, the other gorgeous)

okay so here is the interview session with the fabolous JESSICA YAMADA :)

1. What is fashion according to you?

= Fashion is something we wear for ourselves, or for people who judge us by our cover.

2. What is the difference between fashionable items and the branded items?

= If it's price we're talking about, some people would look for fashionable-yet-still-affordable items and others would care for quality (or pride?) more. Well, branded items would guarantee the last ones for sure ;)

3. Do you think GOWIGASA will be an international online shop and what is the purpose of starting an online shop? do you find any risk in it?

= At first, me & El were just trying to clean up our closet; replacing some old stuffs with the new ones. We have done this at our apartment's yearly bazaar, however, we weren't invited last year LOL. So we thought, "Why not selling these clothes online? Sure we gotta learn some new stuffs, but worth the try right?" And so the story goes.. :) For the first chapters, GOWIGASA sold mostly second-handed goodies, so there were no risk involved. If things didn't work out, we could always donate these clothes.

I personally think that every online stores are actually globalized, depends on the market we're targeting. Currently we're still focused on targeting Indonesian market only :)

4. what is the "MUST" items in your wardrobes?

= Skirts. Cute skirts.

5. Tell me what are the things that you buy and you never feel regret of buying them?

= LOADS!!! Um, for example, i got these shirts from Forever21, SUPERDUPEREXTREMELYCHEAP and yet SODAMNMIXANDMATCHABLE! Hahaha.. IMO, we should never feel regret for buying anything. (btw, what is IMO, jessy?)

6. Who is the fashion icons for you?

= Summer from 500 days of herself, Dylan Sada, and of course my beloved Elissa Yamada. Without her i'd be wearing boring colors all of the time.
(now I am thinking of interviewing the pretty Elissa Yamada as well)

so thanks for the time Jessica Yamada,
for more information about her, do visit her facebook and twitter
and If you have questions for her, please go to her formspring as well :)

and a girl can dreams, can't she?



stellectism said...

hello (: both jessica and elissa are gorgeous! they're naturally pretty !

Yofany said...

me lovelove them!! :DD


Veren Lee said...

td malem ak barusan order gowigasa lagi loh ko .
ahahahhaha ;P

febrina utami putri said...

yes she is gorgeous!!

Vina said...

they both are gorgeous!

IMO = In My Opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson