14 August 2010

Parts of Me

Hey people out there!
so it was my birthday 4 days ago!
but as I am going back to SG on my birthday, best buddies of mine celebrate it on the 9th which is Singapore's National Day!

so it was early in the morning around 9am, Sherrilyn came and fetch me then we went to Jeffry's house and kidnapped him.
then we headed to Hok Seng as I have been craving for it so badly! Nonie couldn't join as she got tuition that morning so it ended up only three of us.
but the suddenly, when we finished our breakfast, we stepped out the place and I saw Nonie was out there waiting with the cakes! OMG! I was so surprised!
the next destination was sun plaza as we wanted to have NEON PRINTS! because it was just 10 am in the morning, there was no one there besides the workers, so we could laugh as loud as we want do all the things we want!
strong huh?
and we headed sun again in the afternoon for red mango
know what is he doing? checking all the girls in Nonie's phone!
as we were so bored after the neon prints, we walked down to the Lower Ground and tried the sour sally + ate my birthday cakes!
amazing rite?
I just love how the way of the clover's worker write my name! I find it so pretty

and the day before, all of us without Jeffry but with Sherrilyn's younger sister, Jocelyn, we went to wasabi nami for super late dinner!
and our favorite dish there is this!
the salmon skin! we finished like 6 plates of this in few minutes time!

so, is it true that "true friends walk in when the world walk out?"

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Rubiyanto said...

Met ultah .....

Reina said...

happy late birthday!
mmmm! smoked salmon sushi!!!
i LOVE salmon, especially lox on a bagel.

whoa! totally didnt know there was a youth olympic games!

em.me.ma said...

aww happy birthday! thanks for all your nice comments!

v [ hobovogue ] said...

love these food photos!

<33 [v] hobovogue

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, ko gilbert! wish you all the best!
the cake looks so yum :9

Castor Pollux

Jessica said...

hey gilbert! happy birthday!!
may all your dreams come true dude! :)
*woot woot*

vivi said...

just came across your blog, great blog! followed you :)

and happy birthday dear!

jamie-lee said...

oh happy birthday! and great pics - that cake looks delicious x


JoewardM said...

belated happy birthday!looks like you all had fun. :]

Vinda Sonata said...

nice entry gilbert. blognya berevolusi yaa? wah keren keren.
btw maren rada pucet mungkin krn lg pilek. hehe

Vitori Thinks said...

Nice post Gilbert and belated Happy Birthday! I hope u had fun... I am a new follower and I am happy that you are sharing a part of you to the world... =)

janet said...

happy belated birthday, Gilbert!!!
may all ur wish come true!
wish u all the best! :D

TigerLily said...

hey ho fellow Leo-ness! My birthday is in August too, 16th August to be exact so that makes us two lions haha

Happy belated birthday!

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