26 August 2010

the still incomplete puzzle

here are the other pieces of puzzles I found in the small corner of Singapore, Haji Lane

it tells you there is only one way to dig your treasure..
walk down the street
this is the first store that catch my attention!
so there is another "this way" to go nearer to your treasure!
the only photo I took inside the shop, as camera is actually not allowed :( but the shop is really really GORGEOUS!
we didn't get anything from this shop anyway!

then we walked down the street and snapped these
I bet you all have known them Jocelyn and her sister, Sherrilyn

then we suddenly saw a little super tiny shop with tons of shoes!
my heart said: "must go in now"
so I follow what my heart say and I was totally amazed with what I see once I open the door

the shoes that really make me eyegasmic with their colour and design!
just so in love with them!
fyi, they are not retail for more than $50.

and there is this written on the wall
I think its just so true! pretty design with reasonable prices.. why not?

their rings!

but I really didn't get anything for myself as I was not really in the mood that time. especially its raining that time and so hard to cross the road to the opposite site store!
so we walked a lil bit and ended up in this store called FRIENDS!
see that green green boots? I am loving it now!
stop calling stop calling!
this is the retro 80's corner!
how if this thing type by itself at the nite? ho-oh!
and here is the owner of the shop!
My friend keep saying that she is so pretty!

then after the rain stop, we should went back already but I didn't miss my chance to take picture in this so called "blogshop"
notice the hand?
the dress are just so gorgeous but we got no time to step in anymore!

so here we go, the incomplete puzzle of Haji Lane,
I promise one day I will be there again, to know more about you, dig more treasure about you and tell the world about you

from me with love, Haji Lane



claradevi said...

I'm gonna kill you gilberrrrttt!!
*crying out loud*
Yeah that means only one thing, I should go back soon.
Crazy, those shops are so lovely. I desperately wanna go to the shop filled with crazy shoes!!
The competition had been postponed until the end of november, i hope i could visit you around during the end of the year :))

rebecca said...

i really, really want those colourful shoes!
and no way is there a "blogshop" :P


Anonymous said...

ya ampun bert,kok bisa sih foto foto di toko,bagus bgt ya.ntr klo ke sg mau ah kesana.. warna warna sepatunya cute abiss..

Anonymous said...

cute blog!love this post, the shop is so cute!

AlvianaKalin said...

I feel like wanna grab all of the shoes!!! OH MY GOD, Gilbert!!

em.me.ma said...

oh my gosh i just died a little, i love the cute jewelery hangers, the shop's intereior i beautiful and I ADORE the vintage typewriter!!

michelle_ said...

i'll keep a bookmark on this if i visit singapore again !
love the shots !
and yes my aldo wedges are SUPER comfy !

glistersandblisters dot com

Anonymous said...

I luv this shoes :0 Its killing me :)

Anonymous said...

I luv this shoes :0 Its killing me :)

diana! said...

huaa cute!!everything in that shop ar fab!cute!esp d telephone.in singapore?i'd love to visit that shop next week!cause i'll go to sg.can you tell me where is it?:p

Karin Zhou said...

the shop look so cute! and the stuffs too. haha.. :)

Zabrinah said...

The inside of that shop really is gorgeous! I love this post.

And look at all those shoes! I love it!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


JoewardM said...

that place is loaded with nice stuffs. i want to visit it! :]

michellehendra said...

aaa.. i'm not tall :( not skinny enough.. and not fierce enough to be model my love :( btw, this store.. graaaaaoorr! superrrrr great! :))))


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

ahh itu di sg yah? haji lane d daerah mn sh?? super naksir ma sepatunyaaaaa. hahaha telfonny jg lucu bgtt!!


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

ahh itu di sg yah? haji lane d daerah mn sh?? super naksir ma sepatunyaaaaa. hahaha telfonny jg lucu bgtt!!


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

ahh itu di sg yah? haji lane d daerah mn sh?? super naksir ma sepatunyaaaaa. hahaha telfonny jg lucu bgtt!!


Susan said...

OMG! bagus banget toko nya :) Haji Lane itu di dket mana sih? sepatunya cute bgt, love the color!

Fashion Profiles said...

Those stores were so lovely... I think I'll get to buy a lot of those cute things... =) Nice post... =)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Just came across your blog, awesome blog! :)
Love those shoes!
Have never been to Haji Lane, thanks for sharing! :)

fhen said...

loving your every shots gilbert!
omg itu toko yang ada sepatu nya yang mana sih?
baru kmrn aku abis dari haji lane
tp kok gk liat yah?
yg kayak gmn tuh tokonya?
yes yes we should meet up soon!


jamie-lee said...

wow - there looks like there are some crazy cute shops! jealous! x


Isabelle said...

droolin all over those shoes+jewelry!x

ms.Gee said...

aaarrrgghh why dont i came to haji lane on mylast visit to singapore :( there's a lot of crazy cute stuff ...

hmmm its a great article gilb..:D


lilylove said...

Just found your blog and I love everything in it :)
Thanks for sharing those pics! Totally gotta make sometime to skip work and go back to singapore.
Great post!


dianaurora said...

ALL of shoes are GORGEOUS!!! want it muaachhh ;)


dianaurora said...

ouuh, and i wanna go to there too ! ;)

Lee said...

I'd love to be there! everything's so amazing :D

ye55i said...

Heii.. sori for the late reply... hahaha. aduuuh itu lucu bngt sepatu2nya! Have to visit it! hehehe. thanks for sharing anyway.
Gw gak kerja di shangrila tapi kerja di P&G, tau ga? hehehe, kbtulan ada acara kantor jadi nginep di shangrila wktu itu. n iyaa.. tasnya pasaran banget, di mana2 ada skrg. hahaha. ;)

silviasiantar said...

hey, i never knew haji lane has something like this.

blogshop is on fareast plaza too i know:)

following your blog now.


ps.let me know if you want to exchange links

Anonymous said...

I love all:D:D

Karina Pricilla said...

really adore the shot of oxford shoes..loving the color tone!

Nasan Faris Naufal said...

loves the telehone and shoes pic!

Stiene Saenen said...

great pics! :D x

Kalyana Dewi said...

can you tell me what's the shop's name? and where?
I love the stuffs you show here. and that flats are so adorabe <3
hope i can visit sg and go there asap !

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

waaa great shop! wanna visit there if i go to singapore. and grat shoots, nice pict..

Liz said...

Hello Gilbert how are youuu haha :D
I've heard of this blogshop place somewhere and thought that it might be an interesting place to go to when i go to SG, after seeing ur pics it made me want to go there even more *calculate ticket fare to SGP* will prolly go to SG this dec.. or maybe next year lol..

Ario Achda said...

kok bagus banget sih foto2nyaaa... *berbinar2*

vivi said...

i'm going to visit SG next week
and a friend of mine recommended haji lane
definitely a place to go! lovely shoesss :D
i hope their smallest size is 35 *pray*
drooling for every photo !
lovely post ko gilbert :)

Anonymous said...

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3ate4 said...

Love all the colourful shoes!

Anonymous said...

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