26 October 2010

Today Obsessions! Givenchy woke me up!

Reading MyManyBags just now and browsing through Givenchy site,
made me fall in love with Givenchy now!
talking bout the famous Nightingale and Pandora, I am more into Nightingale although I feel that Pandora is having such a unique shape and that's something cool!

so here are some of the bags and shoes I love!

1. Nightingale Biker Bag in Shiny Black Cowhide Leather
The slimmer and taller version of Nightingale and its using cowhide leather and I like this as the tall shape will sure looking good on me! oh yeah!

2. Nightingale in Black Calfskin
this nightingale is exactly the same for the woman just that this one is in black! the one in red is totally nice for the upcoming Christmas and CNY!

3. Nightingale Messenger/Hobo Bag in Black Calfskin
this actually look like my unbranded bag long long time ago but then, I could have this and get back my dejavu?

I think I should get another new bag asap! I need them so badly for Christmas and of course, for daily use!

credit image to Givenchy.com


School ends this week but extra curriculum classes starting next week so its like umm I need to stay for two more weeks before going back to Indo!
anyway, after watching eat.pray.love, I feel like going bali so much and of course Italy!
and I just know that I got Italy readers here! Love you guys!

Smile with your lips, smile with your brain, and smile with your liver - Ketut


silviasiantar said...

antigona is nice too! :P

babyskiffie said...

oh god givenchy. am drooling for their nightingale bag but it's just drools that are not turning into benjamins.

btw i only have a pair of flip flops! lol so when the havaianas was broken had to buy another pair... and also am not a big fan of heels and wedges when i travel arnd by foot and bus. in indo maybe... cos of the comfy car nd shopping malls :p

sure do let's follow n link each other! =)))
and what do u want me to link you as?

Pop Champagne said...

nice bags, they're pretty classic and can be worn for a long time. I like the one in the middle the most!

Vinda Sonata said...

classic, beautiful bags.
thank you ya untuk commentnya:)
ok, skrg di follow ma cc ya.
and di link di bloglist juga.

have a nice day gilbert:)

Anonymous said...

gw pgn bgt tas ky gini pasti multifungsi bgt ya bert..oh i wishh

Anonymous said...

i like the studded nightingale. :)

piapia said...

thanks for comment! and already followed you! i wan givenchy so damn much too!! i've been searching in 2months :(( amazing bags