26 September 2010

till we meet again..

as I promised you, 
I will be back with more eyegasmic photos from the little treasure, Haji Lane
I should say that I am really sorry for the long hiatus as my exam is just around the corner, couldn't say its around the corner, its just 2 day away from now! 
wish me luck kay!

so here are some of the snaps from my 2nd trip to Haji Lane! and know what? It was raining again {my first visit was also a raining day} 
Jesslyn and Tiffany from Shutterclick and Record were there too!
check her blog out for more updates and picture courtesy of Tiffany as well!  

so do you mind to take a look at her blog too?

don't you feel that this is "so-british" ?
 I wanna the vintage school bus badly! but It retails for $110
 remember those big disc that was used during the 90's and before? we found a store that sell so many of them! and also some vintage books!
 those nutcrackers figurine are so cute! they are retailing for $100 a pair!

till we meet again,

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13 September 2010

I just don't wanna look back

I just don't feel like turning my head back! life has been good to me recently!
let me put my hands on you in your skin tight jeans!