26 September 2010

till we meet again..

as I promised you, 
I will be back with more eyegasmic photos from the little treasure, Haji Lane
I should say that I am really sorry for the long hiatus as my exam is just around the corner, couldn't say its around the corner, its just 2 day away from now! 
wish me luck kay!

so here are some of the snaps from my 2nd trip to Haji Lane! and know what? It was raining again {my first visit was also a raining day} 
Jesslyn and Tiffany from Shutterclick and Record were there too!
check her blog out for more updates and picture courtesy of Tiffany as well!  

so do you mind to take a look at her blog too?

don't you feel that this is "so-british" ?
 I wanna the vintage school bus badly! but It retails for $110
 remember those big disc that was used during the 90's and before? we found a store that sell so many of them! and also some vintage books!
 those nutcrackers figurine are so cute! they are retailing for $100 a pair!

till we meet again,

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17 September 2010

All Hail Jimmy Choo

after I'm done with Bringing home the Birkin
 by Michael Tonello,

I am now burying myself in The Towering World of Jimmy Choo!

what did Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City? 

"I lost my choo!"  

It's such a great way to promote your brand, Tamara!
yeah! Tamara! not Jimmy!
Tamara Mellon, before was Tamara Yeardye before she married to Matthew Mellon.
Daughter of Tom and Ann Yeardye, who was a fashionista as she was a kid!
She has been wearing Gucci to school as she was in boarding school in England!

Tamara with Jimmy Choos!
and recently captured Tamara and Mindy, her 8 years old daughter!

Actually, there are two different type of Jimmy Choo heels!
one is Jimmy Choo couture, which is a line created by Jimmy Choo himself,
which the heels are really handmade by him!

Jimmy Choo with Jimmy Choo Couture!
Incredibly, he is a Dato' Jimmy Choo as he got his Dato title after his great success in England!
He was from penang initially 

and the other line which is handled by Sandra Choi (niece of Jimmy's wife), Tamara, and the Yeardyes family is JIMMY CHOO!
I could say that Tamara was the main role in the whole business as she was the one with the idea of starting the company and everything!
the most Important thing that she had ever done to promote the line Jimmy Choo which was that time the rival of Manolo Blahnik!

 Sandra Choi

Tamara and Marilyn Heston had to fly off to US for the Academy Award with 60 pairs of heels in 7 designs and all in white!
They offer it to those stars and they could dye the heels into the colour that suit the dress of the actress!

The most spectacular thing they had ever done is by making a heels for Cate Blanchett for the award. and Cate, who has a unique personal style is willing to take the odd fashion risk by accepting Tamara's offer to her which is to make a pair of heels in the same tone of her dress, which is eggplant in colour, and Tamara told her that they will make the shoes with diamond. Real Diamonds. 

and because of that news, everyone was very curious, newspaper, magazine and even Vogue wrote about it!
All of the people attention was driven to Cate's feet!
but suddenly, the shoes was too small and Cate couldn't wear it. Tamara was really panic and had her friend, to help her with the pearl arranging and dying of the heels into eggplant!
and fortunately everything ended up smoothly!

once, Tamara went this tee for the shop opening party!
"I think I'm in love with my shoe
I was sure that it felt the same, too
'till it happened to mention
with heartless intention
"I'm dating a gold Jimmy Choo"

Jimmy Choo was actually a so called new born shoes company compared to the old rival, Manolo Blahnik.
but the achievement was not bad as in 2004, the company had already earned the amount of $16.8 million by selling 74,000 pair of heels! under the guidance of Robert Bensoussan.

and that really bring a golden time to Jimmy choo.

fyi, there is a Jimmy Choo heels named same like mine!

 Jimmy Choo "Gilbert"


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credit: Mark Seymour Photography and their respectful owner of the photos.
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13 September 2010

I just don't wanna look back

I just don't feel like turning my head back! life has been good to me recently!
let me put my hands on you in your skin tight jeans!