26 September 2010

till we meet again..

as I promised you, 
I will be back with more eyegasmic photos from the little treasure, Haji Lane
I should say that I am really sorry for the long hiatus as my exam is just around the corner, couldn't say its around the corner, its just 2 day away from now! 
wish me luck kay!

so here are some of the snaps from my 2nd trip to Haji Lane! and know what? It was raining again {my first visit was also a raining day} 
Jesslyn and Tiffany from Shutterclick and Record were there too!
check her blog out for more updates and picture courtesy of Tiffany as well!  

so do you mind to take a look at her blog too?

don't you feel that this is "so-british" ?
 I wanna the vintage school bus badly! but It retails for $110
 remember those big disc that was used during the 90's and before? we found a store that sell so many of them! and also some vintage books!
 those nutcrackers figurine are so cute! they are retailing for $100 a pair!

till we meet again,

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Princilla said...

nice photos! and youve a nice blog :)
following your blog now


Bella Francisca said...

cool places! and very cute :)
hows life gilbert? long time no chat :p

check my newpost :)

Ario Achda said...

love the first photo. reminds me of the nut cracker!

michelle_ said...



Irene Melia Puspita said...

lovely stuff! :D


vivi said...

i didn't get to visit haji lane on my last trip to sg :(( regretting it so much
i was lost, alone with only not-working gps so decided to cancel the plan :(
but am so gonna visit haji lane next time after seeing your photos !

stellectism said...

Haji lane is definitely one of the most lovely place in sg. Agree bert? My bf and me used to go there often but he is now kinda dislike the place since he said haji lane has become much more commercialized. But still, I heart the place and the atmosphere there :)

Vania Sunny said...

Great posts + great shoots, the result is SUPER GREAT BLOG! (Y) great job for you, owner :)

valonia irene said...

thank you for dropping by at my blog :)
waw that's look like a great place,wanna go there if i visiting sg! hehe
mind to exchange link anyway? I've linked you :)

em.me.ma said...

such cute THINGS!!

Tiffany Chantelle William Jo said...

so gilb. seems like all the pictures that i took received compliments from your friends. are you gonna say anything? haha !

hiven said...

good luck with your exam!love these

costra y ampolla said...

Gotta love the nutcrackers!!


Shia-Shia said...

love the nutcracker soldier (^^)
tq for dropping me a comment on my blog...do check out my new post


Liz said...

Nice pictures gilbert! hehe yeh its usually quite confusing in aus coz it could be a bright day but the wind can be so bloody cold :)


vinda sonata said...

beautiful, inspiring pictures.
thank u for sharing gilbert :)

Anonymous said...

whoaa i've never been there!
lain kali mau ksana, haha.
i love the nutcrackers, anyway :D

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silviasiantar said...

nice one! do you know a store called stylenordic located in ann siang hill?