9 February 2011

The Shoes.

illustrated by Achraf Amiri, a 23 year old freelance art director and graphic designer based in Brussels, Belgium. Created his own niche in eccentric Fashion Illustration.

because the world is under your toe! the heels rule!

Image Source: Achraf Amiri


Vinda Sonata said...

wow. great post gilbert.
love the slight mockery in all his drawings. he's very creative, i think. i find them really inspiring !
great you're baaaack !

Kalyana Dewi said...

those shoes are just sick! i love the one from valentino most. The designers are so creative, and i love the illustrator too.

piapia said...

this post really cool! i love the dior, balenciaga and chanel, cool illustration.. the one from louboutin makes me wanna throw up, LOL.. nice post :)

Susan said...

omg, the pictures are so cool!
Thanks for the info, will check his work soon :D

lilacpurplesky said...

Nice drawings, that guy really is inspired!

La vita è bella said...

been drooling for that MOSCHINO wicked shoesss! Thanks for such an inspiring post. Followed :D

La vita è bella said...
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Andrew said...

holy shit!
these are incredible

I especially like the jeremy scott one

Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

agreed with andrew, these illustrations are amazing!
so spot on as well