9 April 2011

Burberry Spring/Summer 2011

 We wanted to create a dynamic, evolving campaign that reflects the diversity of our broad global costumer, revealing new British cast members each month, all with their own identity, embodying the different attitudes of Burberry guy and girl. We shot the campaign on Brighton beach to celebrate the great British outdoors and our history of supporting emerging talent and to bring to life the emotion behind protection from the elements.
-Christoper Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Director 

Burberry announced new cast members for April as part of its dynamic ad campaign for Spring Summer 2011. In line with the Burberry heritage of discovering and nurturing emerging British talents, the April ad campaign features young actress Sophie Kennedy-Clark and actor Matthew Beard

Can you feel the breeze of colors on their collection? I am so dying for the red trench! but that plastic trench is a big NO.

© Copyright Burberry


Anastasia Siantar said...

aaahhh colors!! <3

AlvianaKalin said...

yey finally colors!! I love spring/summer :D


Miy said...


The Picnic Girl

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

hey my dear son, Gilb! i missed you like hell. truly missing blogging too. kisses for you.

Mariloé said...

I love burberry and these plastic details are so adorable!

Anna said...

Nice collection, I'm pretty sure I would look like an idiot in that red coat.

Re the cuffs, they're very comfortable! I had to adjust them to make them small enough for my arms but once they're on it's fine!

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