19 April 2011

Meet the Model, Dillon.

So after the Inaugural Mens' Fashion week, I managed to know some of the gorgeous who do catwalk almost everyday!

So here it is! Dillon Rosel, 21, a half Dutch half American model, who is incredibly tall, six feet three inches and traveled around the world for modelling since last January when he decided to shave off his long hair! 
Double black campaign. 
you can check out the video here, click on Adv, and click backstage! 
His most memorable experience will be when he actually walked for Versace last year, 
he said that it was his sickest experience ever.

The Versace backstage photos!
This guy loves to talk and he is indeed of the friendliest model I've met and he said the most compliment he got are mostly about his lips, but there is this girl who actually told him that she would want to make love with his hair!

anyway, MFW was not the first time I saw him. Back during the club21b + tsumori chisato event I had already spotted him walking for some of the brands!

For game addict like Guitar hero, maple stories, and halo reach, you can actually have him as ur playmate! yeah he is a hardcore game-addict!
and for those who usually hang around attica, le noir, tanjong, you will easily spot this guy!
anyway, check out his video with Razor Tv! 
and he is going back to Holland or States soon, so you might not be able to see him walk for Audi Fashion week!
All photos are courtesy of Dillon.


Cindy Karmoko said...

aaaa he's so cute! ahahaha linked your blog already gilbert!!!


ARIO ACHDA said...

dia makannya apa sih gilbert kok bisa kaya gtu jadinya??? *dengki*

hahahaha. that hair of his at the backstage of versace is to die forrrr...


super cool! you spotted him? how lucky you are :D

michelle_ said...

gorgeousss !


Anastasia Siantar said...

ahh hotness! jawline and cheekbone *melt*

Squeeze the Pug said...

Hi Ganda,

Thanks for dropping by my page recently. I thought I would answer your question here:

I bought the organisers from a store called Howards World Storage. I think it is Australian based. This is the link:

There seem to be limited choice online. I have seen more variation of the organisers in-store.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I have been following so many fashion blogs authored by female writers. It's nice to see one that is different. Needless to say, a new follower here!

Squeeze The Pug

AlvianaKalin said...

woah gorgeous man!
thanks for the comment gilbert! :D


Nadine Flatt said...


Veren Lee said...

the models are not as cute as Peter! :P

a little princess

SOFIA said...


H-S said...

is all baout the model, but i love that red emblishment what i have to say jacket hahahaha



janet said...

he's cute! love the picture of him in tsumori chisato event