1 December 2011

John John

Finally December is here, which also mean it is also the time for me to start listing down my Christmas Wishlist. Shoes, as always, are on top of the list and definitely the iconic Red Soles are something I am expecting. Hopefully Santa Daddy could hear read the blog and know what I will love to see on my stocking on the Christmas Day or maybe a Christian Louboutin box under the Christmas Tree.

On the very top of my wishlist is something more decent and classy from my all time favorite shoe-designer, Christian Louboutin, the John John Flat.
Although I am still a little bit concern with the suede materials thinking of how I could manage to go out in the rain! Because to my own experience, I choose not to go out rather than getting my suede shoes wet! More pain in the ass!
As I grow older, I realized I should indeed get myself something more classic so it will last me longer and it will be more versatile. Praying hard for any of the two, crossing fingers and toes!
PS. I am a size 43 ;-)


Pola Katelu said...

pretty awesome! <3

Lucca Yoga said...

Stunning shoes!

Lucca Yoga

The Fashion Commentator said...

Hi Gilbert!
I'm Totally in love with those colorful Louboutin!

Dear Santa, may I have all the stock! Thank you!
PS: I am 45!


Alessandro - The Fashion Commentator

Belvin said...

amaze shoes!!


Arnold Teja said...

*drooling* I'm wishing for rollerboy spikes!

michelle_ said...

i love how these Loubs have some nice polished Celine feel to it !

ching said...

the color blend on that second shoe is superb.
care to follow? ill follow back.