27 February 2013

The Oversized Tee

Yes, I know what you guys probably think. "YSL is so last season since it's all about Saint Laurent now", but we are considering ourselves as lucky as we manage to snap this tee (actually we got two! but Gladys was wearing mine) before they actually stop producing this. To my knowledge, there are still a few pieces available in the YSL store in Marina Bay Shoppes! 

So yeah, since it is a bit oversized, we were trying to tuck the tee into a skirt to make kind of cupcake top but it just looks weird so we decided to give it a go with this maroon pants with leather lining on the side from Zara. To make the whole look doesn't look too boyish, Gladys was wearing the Steve Madden "Walltz" heels which is super comfortable.

Yves Saint Laurent tee (similar here), Zara Maroon Pants with Leather Lining, Steve Madden Walltz Heels, Vintage Bag, Tag Heuer watch and Unbranded cat-ear cap.


Ola Ci said...

cool look! especially loving your cap!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the hat! She looks adorable! xx


michelle_ said...

i love the beanie !


Pola Lola said...

I invite you to observe yourself?

Nina Rachel said...

OMG - you look amazing! that cap is to die for - and nobody has this, unique ;-)
just wanted to say: your comment literally just made our day, thank you soo much :)
will definitely check yours out more often, following you too :)
lots & lots of love

Pop Champagne said...

the oversized tee looks great and I loveeee your hat here!

Veren Lee said...

cool shirt and cutee hat ;)


Anonymous said...

I love everything about your outfit, your pants, shirts, shoes and cross-body. Very chic.

I love your blog and I will definitely come back!


fahmy haryandi said...

Love the cap! She looks gorgeous.

I've been following this blog since a long time a go and I do blogwalking here but I didn't left any comment on this blog.

So I would like to say hi! Love ur blog :)


Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

Janneke said...

So beautiful and inspirational! You really
inspire me! I would definetely wear this!

Love from the Netherlands | www.jantasie.com


Wulan Wu said...

Hi Gandas!
Nice to read about your blog.
Thank you for following me, I'm following you back.
Keep inspiring! :)

Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com/

Simi said...

lovely simle outfit :)

Pirate Hart said...

Love your shirt here!!


Pirate Hart

Charly said...

XL t-shirts always works with skinny pants, love the look by the way! .)

Fashionista Chloƫ said...

Nice outfit!Great Beanie!

Sandra Martinez said...

Thanks for your comment sweety!!
Absolutely love your shoes :)
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Eva Silviana said...

Oversized tee might be good for me as well I guess. And I don't mind with YSL actually because for me it's just the same. Two kids with the same mom yet different dad, LOL.
Thanks for following me anyway, I'm following you right back <3

crunchy cheese me

Regine Karpel said...

Love the T.

dwiki cahya ramadhan said...

woaah so cute :> stunning girl
folllowed you :>


mualliffachrozi said...

heiiii, salam kenal, terimakasih kamu sudah mau menyempatkan diri untuk jalan2 dan ngasih comment di blog aku…

maaf aku coment berbahasa Indonesia, aku tidak lancar berbahasa inggris…
jika suatu saat kamu ada waktu luang lagi dan jalan2 ke blog aku, aku berharap kamu bisa follow back blog aku, aku sudah follow blog kamu..
senang berkenalan…:)


Puput said...

that t-shirt is awesome and I love your cute hat too


Emily Anderst said...

Love those pants! Great styling!

Following you know :) I'd so love it is you have time to check out my blog and possibly follow back!


Christian said...

cute givenchy alike hat.

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Valeria said...

Loving the cat ear cap n.n as well as the oversized tee look.

Thank you for your sweet comment, I have thought of them as gifts too.

And of course I will follow and hopefully get a follow back too ♡

Lady Stardust said...

so cute!
thanks for your lovely comment, I'm following you too now ;)


Inspirations Have I None

mariel janina said...

love this outfit, so simple yet awesome...really want one of those t-shirts <3


Am2Pm Chic said...

Super cute look, loving the ear cap as well as red shades trousers. Thanks for your sweet comment & hope to see you back soon.


Robyn said...

SUCH a cool outfit - I could never pull this off but you look incredible! The hat is so so cute!

.brigittamonique. said...

hey dear thx for the sweet words :D
Is she your sist?
anyway nice and simple outfit :)


Vania Aprilia said...

she looks really adorable! without the cap, the look is just mature but when she puts the cap on.. cute <3

Pudding Monster

Lo Pascual said...

cool style! love the cap esp!

Following your awesome blog now! hope you drop by my page and follow me back too... ^_^

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Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

just found out your blog and-with-no-doubt decided to follow you! Nice blog btw, you look so cute tho! and your cap omg>>>>>>


sabrina maida said...

wooow.. i love the cap and tee


Chai Chen said...

Love your shirt dear! :)
Thanks for following me dear! Following you back now. Keep in touch :)

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❤ ~Chai

Mitha Komala said...

she rocks the tee! love how the hat adds a cuteness! <3

Letters To Juliet

Mutiara Donna Visca said...

omg... loving those oversized! :D

can we follow each other?? tell me! :D


Tamara Emilia said...

Hello there :)
OMG i always want those tee.. so can i know how much the price for the ysl tee?
and thank you for following my blog, following you back :D


Tamara Emilia said...

thank you for your information :D
sorry but i think you're un-following my blog.. am i right ? cause i can't see you on my follower..
and i just realize that i already following your blog a long time ago..

thank you

Levi (tlnique) said...

Nice look! It's simple and fashionable, i like that!! :)

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Reinhardt Kenneth said...

lol yes it is last season but it's still a perfect statement. I dont know why, but I felt like it will look a lot prettier if it was tucked in. I have the same cap in burgundy!(and the hair would look a lot better with a high pony)
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fhenny said...

i love oversize tee and this is a cool look!

yes gilbert i haven't seen you in ages. hope you're doing awesome
lemme know if you drop by sg!
hahah yea, glad to be back here with better library system!

style frontier

William Djahamata said...

simple but adorable :)
love the tee. you must be so lucky to have that. :)


Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

Loving thr look :)

Paulyne Alfinta said...

cute!! your hat is super cute ><

by the way I'm holding giveaway

Sandra Martinez said...

Thanks for your comment!! You're amazing :)

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Lys Chan said...

I love your cap <3.

Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

Farah said...

The cat-ear cap is sooooo cute!! Love love <3

The Garage Starlets said...

So pretty!


Adeline Yang said...

adorable hat <3
thanks for following & commenting on my post :)
i'm following back now! :D

p.s. yeah! do a photoshoot with the saffiano! looking forward to seeing it ;)

Danny Suyandi said...

I'm dying for that YSL shirt! :(


Vogue Villain said...

This is such a cool outfit! I love everything about it, especially the vintage bag<3
Thanks for the sweet comment!

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