30 December 2013

Polka and Lots of Dots

 Merry Christmas!! Yes I know we are a bit late but it's always better to be late than never!
So yes, if you guys have been following Gladys on Instagram, you guys would have seen this preview before! Yes, so we shot this outfit before Christmas but due to this and due to that, we just managed to upload it up now! Again, we are so sorry for that!

As we mentioned before the weather in Medan has been so moody (it has been raining since yesterday!) so an outfit that keep you warm but not too hot is always a perfect choice! And a pair of high top sneakers to keep the feet dry! 

So here it is, that simple outfit that always work. Adding a little bit pop of colour to keep the outfit more alive! Stay tune for our last post in 2013! 

 Top - Granley en Ligne, White Jeans - Zara, Alma BB in Rose Indien - Louis Vuitton, Rockstud Bracelet - Valentino, Quilted Maroon Sneakers - Forever XXI


Fifi Yau said...

oh I love the touch of red color into your outfit!
Fabulous <3

Diary of a Dreamer

Adam said...

cute polka dot blouse

PrimadonnaGlamGirl said...

Love this outfit!! Super cute!! Thank you for following my blog! I just followed yours too! Its amazing :)
xx Janice

Linda Natawiria said...

love the outfit<3


QueenLina said...

love your bag and your sneakers! :*


Sunny Sunartiyo said...

casually chic!<3 love the colour!
happy holiday,gilbert xxx


Tina Stefanovic said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing! :)
P.S. What do you think about following each other? I'd be really happy if you wanted to! :) Let me know.
Happy New Year!♥

Andrea Fernández said...

Great look!! Follow you on google friends! follow me back!
Happy New Year!

Lara Rose said...

Looks amazing! Great blog you have.

HaNi Reario said...

hi nice sneakers.. where did you buy them? :)

steve said...

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