28 March 2015

Island of Goddess

So last summer (in Australia), we decided to tag along with our mom for a trip to Bali. She was there for a function, we were there for the foods!

As this was our second visit (yes, that is how much we got to travel around Indonesia) to Bali, we decided that we are not going to visit those tourist-y places anymore. So instead, I got local recommendations from Madame Huillet on where to go as she is a true Bali girl in heart! She listed me all of these place that definitely contributed to my scared on stepping onto the weighting scale.

It was a short three or four days trip but I should say that it was good enough for us to actually escape from the reality and the usual scene and just to in somewhere different!

If you had been following me on Instagram (@gilbertganda) you probably would have seen some or most of these photos!

I would definitely be updating the list with the name of the places etc!

Drop me a comment if you want to know the name or the address of any of them!

Thank you!



Stephanie Sjan Semen said...

It is such a nice place and the food seems like so delicious. Thanks for sharing <3


Carlyn Brody said...

What a beautiful resort. I think it's good that you went to see new things in Bali instead of all the touristy places.

Rachael Naidu said...

Everything looks amazing!!


Melda Auditia said...

Such a beautiful place!


Marissa Abigail said...

Hello! Nice pictures and places :)

come check mine :

Albert Wijaya said...

Wonderful post! Great photos :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Adeline Yang said...

Amazing, amazing pictures! That nasi bigul got me drooling all over! :9

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