29 March 2010

the hectic life can't stop!

just to be fair to my younger sister since I rarely post up her pic!

tank top and bunny t-shirt ~ gingersnap, flower headband from movie world

hey people! look at my younger sister's t-shirt. It's a bunny made of colourful macarons and it have longer end on the left bottom and right bottom part compared to the center bottom. so cute rite?
 I feel in love with this tee on my first sight and I grabbed it as soon as possible since gingersnap in singapore only stock 3 pieces per design.

fyi, gingersnap in paragon have lot and lot of collection. their newest collection is the alice one

I have been playing and playing with bokeh effect and can't get enough of them!
btw, It has been busy and busy week since I have a lot and lot stack of homework to do, project to be done. some presentations and tests as well.

School have pissed me off with that lots of activities especially with the flag day community service that need us to go and ask for donation and that's a COMPULSORY during our weekend just to get that few CIP hours! + something I really hate! All the students from the whole school will be attending the cross country race and that need us to run like 2.8 km around the japanese/chinese garden which took 40 minutes mrt from redhill mrt? + I need to take bus like 15 minutes to reach redhill mrt IF there is no traffic in the early morning!

Hope those thing will passed soon :(
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fhen said...

i love the effect here gilbert!
i think your older sister resembles you more? haha
good luck for all of the projects!


Nora said...

your sister is so cute! =))
and good luck with your assignments!

anyway, thanks for linking me. thats so sweet of you. ill link you back as well.


Susan said...

I love bokeh effect too :]
and your sister is so cute, good luck with your assignments!

5 minutes of fame

Krislyn said...

sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you! love the shots of your sister and you!

yes, i am originally from singapore, currently living in california! :)

michelle_ said...

your sis is sooo cute :D
hugs and kisses ..
glisters and blisters

stellectism said...

oooh finally i got the chance to see your face! cute siblings you have there! :)) love the bokeh effect <3

blackecstasy said...

hey love ur bokeh effect, and panggil aku ayu aja! hahahah
iyahh suka makan jg.. hmhh.. itu bunga nya pake kertas crepe terus diremes gtu hehehe
have a great weekend yah
yudia aiiu

michellehendra said...

lucu sekalihhh adiknya! :DDDD hihihi lovely bokeh.. :))


em.me.ma said...

your pictures are so artistic!<3

Anonymous said...

ur sis look so cute, nice effect btw. :)
yeah but am actually late 1 year, cause i was born at the end of the year. :D
ooo so you're in sg rite now? i thought you;re in jkt. hehe

Vinda Sonata said...

aku dari bandung.
eniwei, udah di link back yaa :)