24 March 2010

If you still want to see the green of earth

anyway, I got nothing to post since I am busy on designing the math booklet for school campaign to motivate student in doing math or something like that. Well, I find it kinda creepy. I mean how could a booklet actually motivate a student? but well, just do what we are asked to.
So I actually browsing through our photos during our last december trip to Australia and I came out with this photos that shows how lovely and pretty is the green grass. I mean seriously i sat on them, I laid on them without having that disgust feeling.

Aren't you aware that the green path in the earth is getting lesser and lesser? I am scared that my children couldn't even see those anymore. are you aware?

anyway, I just remember about the Earth Hour after I read piping verina's blog
so people I changed my background since michelle koesnadi tweeted that black background is using less energy power rather than the white one :) *anyway, white looks nicer, so I take back my words.
so DO SUPPORT EARTH HOUR, just simply turn off your light for an hour and our little support means a lot to our momma earth.

Have a great day guys!


piping said...

yes yes, 100% agree with u! jangan lupa yah besok sabtu! uda kampanye gini tau2nya lupa ikutan matiin :PP. hihihih

fhen said...

love the picture, gilbert!
and im supporting earth hour fo suree!


Anonymous said...

lovely pic. :)
rightt! lets support the earth hour! :D


Anonymous said...

heii thx for dropping by & lovely comment yah!
oh yaa, i've linked you back. :)
im following your blog, mind to follow me back? :)


Liz said...

yay to earth hour! btw random facts your last name is the same with my mom's last name lol

Anonymous said...

awkayy! thanks a bunch ya! :D