10 April 2010

*the trumpet calls and the drumrolls*

*drumrolls and trumpet calls*

people, the young stylish girl from ♥The crème de la crop♥ is holding a giveaway to celebrate her one year old blog :D

you wanna know what she has she prepared for this giveaway?

here are they! ♥
♥ the summer bracelet ♥
♥the leaf bangles♥
♥the purple shoes sizes of 35/36♥
I am getting this for my younger sis! dont you think this suit her well??♥
♥the red bow belt♥
♥purple leopard scarf♥
♥butterfly scarf♥
♥peacock necklace♥

♥mango delirium perfume♥

and she also mentioned that she packed them in those pretty packaging! don't you just ♥ them?

so what are you waiting for? simply click ♥The crème de la crop♥ to join the giveaway!
and one more time! thanks evita nuh for giving us chance to win these pretty stuffs ♥♥♥

wish me luck!♥

and if you like and love my blog please follow my blog and tweet me as well :D ♥

*a lot of ♥ means super happiness!


Veren Lee said...

thankk uu ko gilbertt...
have a nice weekend yaaa
veren .a little princess.

Tabitha said...

i join the giveaway too.
thanks for the comment ya :)

LOVE, beauty splashes

michelle_ said...

you cepet skali uda lgsg nge post giveaway nya ! hahaha

Samantha said...

great clothes

Anonymous said...

hahaha banyak yah yg nge post giveaway evita. :D
sipp nanti kalo gw udah pasti tgl brp gw kasi tau yah. :D

CCWai said...

That's like a lot of stuff she's giving away!
Thanks for the share!

Owen said...

aw thanks for your comment :)
i'll link you as well hehe
have a great daay

F i K a said...

yeayy! good luck to you too :D

thankss for your comment!! ide utk pake legging item aku stujuu..waktu itu legging itemnya lagi ga tau kemana,jadi pilihannya jatuh ke legging pink itu..hahaha :D..thankss for the suggestion yaa ;)

Krislyn said...

wow those purple boots are gorgeous! she's giving away quite a lot! great post.

beckyxoxo said...

I've joined it , so excited ! Haha . Btw aku link sama follow blog mu yah gilbert :)

A N A S T A S Y A said...

you are totally right,,wish us luck!!! tee hee!!

blackecstasy said...

wew! gila giveaway nya banyak yah! hahahha
check it out my new post dear :)


yudia aiiu


Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

good luck!!!

The Queen of Queer

bella francisca said...

hey, thanks for your comment!
u too, good luck for evita nuh's giveaway!

xoxo, bee ♥

Anonymous said...

give away products are very nice great
i like this post beautiful butterfly scarf nice

enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

hahaha we have a same taste of music. :D

Patricia S Boedidarmo said...

i joined the giveaway too :)

thx for the comments
hope u have a great week

t a l i s h a said...

good luck in joining the giveaway, bert :)

Anonymous said...

omg me too! so into them! hahaha :D