19 April 2010

under the lost world

monty's casa de wild ~ far far away
yesterday was great! First, we have our breakfast buffet at carousel, royal plaza on scotts.
the food is quite okay but actually it didn't really satisfy us.
since it is quite different as what we had last time! but overall its still okay

black pepper ham- turkey bacon- turkey ham ( I damn love these! )

after that, we headed to resort world sentosa!
actually we went there quite early in the morning but imagine what?
there was really packed and hot!

the casino entry

know what? there are two line divided as the Singaporean and the tourist lane!
and the result is nobody on the Singaporean lane and a long queue in the tourist lane
and the hilarious rules are no slippers allowed, no shorts?
so taxi driver, if you see people coming out from the casino wearing shorts or slippers, don't worry they haven't gamble all their money in there!

then moving to the universal studio, we headed to HERSHEY'S store outside the universal studio

how we love the hershey giant bottle and you can create an own bottle with your pics on them! :) cool huh?

soon after realizing that we won't have that much of time anymore,
we got in to universal studio directly and our first destination is the universal studio store!
we bought the transparent umbrella :D

and also headed to betty boops' + hollywood store and we got each of us the same t-shirt for the day!
(but sorry I didn't take any picture, my camera is running out of battery. but PROMISE! I will ask the pic from my cousin as soon as possible!)
stay tune!

and sorry! no outfit post yet! I will be back really soon :D
and really appreciate all of your wishes for my blog's 1st anniversary :)
I am so regret of not getting the annual fun ticket! :( I wanna go and buy the annual ticket as soon as possible

and hell yeah! a super FAB blog by Ms.Fedora Yovita and Ms.Michelle Sujendi called BUTTERKILLER
is now official!
they are super womans and they kill something that is not alive!
check it out!

 let's rock the world! xx

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Patricia S Boedidarmo said...

How fun it is to be there! Btw aku ada planning mau transit SG pas slsai summer break dari indo-LA so yeah hopefully jadi ;) *crossedfingers*

Anonymous said...

omg pengen!! :D
oiya im coming to sg on april 29th - may 2nd. wanna do meetup thingy? :D

Miy said...


I just found your blog and the title Fashion dreamer stories is just so nice.. ;) and an upcoming giveaway sound nice too, dear.. ;)

lets exchange link and follow each other if you like, shall we?



Dian Prad said...

whoaaaa.. what a really nice time at Universal! i want to come back there , soon
kmu beli tiket tahunan nya bert?


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

great picts! looks like you're having great time :)

XD nathalie

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

oh, we all love hershey!!! :D
look you had fun!

mind to exchange links neeway? ;p
The Queen of Queer

Anonymous said...

Wow, can't wait to visit the universal studio!
to get the tickets, we just have to come to the sentosa, right?
i'm still a little bit confuse 'cos my friend says we need to book first or we won't get the tickets ..

btw, how a bout the meet up?

Castor Pollux

Anonymous said...

btw, i saw on evita nuh's blog that u won the giveaway!

myrrh goldframe said...

hey there gorgeous!! seems yu have lotta fun!! wish i could join! <3

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

have followed and linked you :)
thank you gilbert! :D

ROBINE said...

Great post and blog!

ROBINE said...

Ah thanks for your sweet comment!
You are the best haha

xx Robine

coolboy said...

wow i love the food its delicious

Anonymous said...

looks great i love your post looks great


Mila said...

Great photos!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...


i really really luv hershey chocolate..
its my fav..

michelle_ said...

great photos .. love the food porn :)

Anonymous said...

olla moga2 kita bisa meetup yaa hahaha :D

coolboy said...

hi thanks for beautiful comment

how are you today

dela said...

hey sweet! i just found you from evita nuh's blog. anyway, congrats for the giveaway! XD

ye55i said...

nice pictures! =)

AlvianaKalin said...

aww the hams are making me hungry rite now..nice photos btw! seems like you were having so much fun there. :)

stellectism said...

awww you have stepped the universal studio bert! is it nice? i have no time to visit it until now =(

jennifer lovenia said...

awesome..how was it?is it fun?
i ve linked you and followed you back..
btw are you live in singapore?
because me too hehe

Dylana Suarez said...

Sounds like fun!

Owen said...

ah the food looks tempting :)
nice post :)
dont forget to visit my blog :)


jennifer lovenia said...

im near bugis...
hahaha ya we should hehe
are u studying?

diana! said...

can't wait to visit universal:)
nice photos:)

AlvianaKalin said...

Thanks for the birthday comment yah say..btw followed ur blog already.follow me back ok? :D

ye55i said...

Hey... thanks yaaa... uda gw follow jugaaa.. keep blogging ya.. =)

Nora said...

great pics! wish i can visit the place someday! =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land

Dian Prad said...

wow no post..
masih ujiaan yaa bert?

re: hohoho iyaaa pas aku kesana aku liat, wahhh ini si enakan beli yang taunan inii...
lebih hemat bukaaan....
y udah ga usah sedihh.. hahaha beli ajaa deh yang setaunan.. biar puaas bert... tiap minggu kesana:D

iyaaa maunya sgp lagi, tunggu deh bbrpa bulan lagi, sementara masi blom ada rencana si..

nanti kalo aku mampir singapore, aku carrriiiii kamu yaa... mwahahahaha
harus temenin maen sampe mabok.. hahaha

dian prad


fhen said...

wow gilbert looks like you had a great day!
which one is your most favourite ride?


Exalandra said...

Hersheeey! XD

Ah, I love it to the max! :)

Anyway, first visit here! Nice blog!