26 May 2010

the meaningful wake up call

26th May 2010

Dear GOD, 
I am really thankful for YOUR blessings. You are amazing. I learn something after I went to Tj.Balai, Karimun Island,      Indonesia. where the condition is not as good as either Medan or Singapore. There is no any tall building in the whole island and the tallest building is just like 10 storey.
I was amazed by the fact that people there are really happy although their lifestyle are really simple. You can see the old man and auntie sitting on the coffee shop so happily chit-chatting. Those kids playing in front of their house, and also those farmers and shopkeepers happily doing their work. Sometimes, although we are staying in the city that is much more better compared to theirs, we are still not thankful of what You have given us. we won't get satisfied easily. I admit it. When we went to the madrasah school, the students there are asked to give some opening words to us in English and I know they hardly did it, but amazingly, one of the student stood up and gave the opening words. Although his english isn't that good but at least he had the confidence to speak. I should also admit that not everyone can be that brave. During the class time, the kids are really happy sitting inside the hot class although the female students need to wear veil and long sleeve shirt and skirt, and the kids are really paying attention to what we said. I am blessed to meet them and that is kinda a wake up call for me to be more thankful and stop complaining. OH GOD You are beyond Amazing. 




Veren Lee said...

niceee and touchy writing ko gilbert...
we must be thankful to God... :)

thank you for your comment on my blog!
veren .a little princess.

michellehendra said...

ohh my darling. :) you are so inspiring. we have to step back and realize that banyak banget yang lebih gak beruntung. :) we should pay more attention to what surrounds us.


F i K a said...

nice writings gilbert!!
sometimes people have to visit those kind of place which is soo different from the place where they live in..it can make people more thankful for what they get :)

t a l i s h a said...

yes, there is more to the world than what our eyes can see.. great post bert.. btw kamu agustus bakalan di indo gak? i really wanna score a meetup, just to ensure myself that there is some other stylish guys that i know beside my dad and my brother.

beckyxoxo said...

What a lovely post! So touching. And yes we should be thankful with the life God has given us :)