10 July 2010


jovian, me, gracia, elva *the birthday girl*

edwin, gracia, elva, me

her party was quite long time ago!
and we did enjoy!
meet tiffany from tiffany's record!
the party was held in eccexx, the place where my sis held her birthday early in the year!

I am hitting 50 followers soon baby! and wait for the giveaway soon and to celebrate my birthday as well next month! so what you guys want for giveaway?
THANKS for everyone who have given their attention tomy blog and being so kind to stop at my blog!

once again, thanks!

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anita putri said...

yeahhh happy 50 followers ya bert :))
btw,senyummu manis loh. nice.

sii miemi said...

when ur bday?
congrats the 50 followers..
u all look so gorgeous, love ur smile


Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

woaaa just realized that i'm your 50th follower. Lol. great photos :)

AlvianaKalin said...

congrats for the 50th anniv! I'm one of the followers btw :p :P

Patricia Valleta said...

enak skaliiii followers mu udah sampe 50 ahahaha
padahal pas wktu itu sama ya number nya :P
btw congrats!! :D
did u lose weight?hehehhe

stellectism said...

you have such a sweet smile bert! :) the shirt fitted nicely on you! great!

Blogger said...

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