4 July 2010

no raindrops for today!


 at last, there is no rain for today.
time has been hard when its raining. we need to queue for so long just to get a taxi! that sucks rite?
everyone choose to take taxi and we ended up waiting for so long just for a taxi!

and that is the introduction of my sis new doc martens!
I am planning to get one too! but I hardly find a color that suit me well!
so we ended up heading to orchard [again..]
and went to kinokuniya to get some novels.
I got the carrie before sex and the city, and my sis got the books of vampire series.
think that I will fill my day with reading those books!

all the stores are so crowded. planned to check on the new Louis Vuitton but changed my mind when all the people queue up just to get in. hate to wait and hate to be in the crowded.
and the same thing happened to chanel store. so crowded.
but the interesting fact is all those who are queuing up are actually indonesian

so when we were going home, we took some pics near there! :)

this month teen-vogue! :)
gracia: bossini checked shirt, guess shorts, belt, watch, charles&keith bag, diva necklace, doc martens boots

the books!
and we found this cute bracelet from accessorize!
say hi! to kiki!
tomorrow is youth day! and thats mean NO SCHOOL! isn't it deserve a yay?
gotta go for now!
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Anonymous said...

you look different and bigger! HA

sii miemi said...

aww u and ur sist look so gorgeous bert..
lovely pict


Anonymous said...

nice doc martens! omg lucu banget puppy nya! :D

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

heyllo brother!! hahah!
kinda missed ya! <3 the photos.

ye55i said...

Hei! you and your sister are so cute together.. love her doc martens. and great denim shirt you have. Kiki looks so cute too.. =)

ellevictoire said...

ahh I feel like reading vampire diaries books now too :) and i have the same docs!


Kalyana. said...

your sister is so pretty, Gilbert. And love her Doc Martens too.
by the way, i'm giving you an award on my blog. i hope you don't mind to receive it :) check it in my post HERE

have a nice day


Great shoes!!

Please Visit & Join


AlvianaKalin said...

lovely photos with your sister Gilbert..I love her doc martens. :)
It's so obvious that the branded store were filled with Indonesians. -.-"

Patricia Valleta said...

WHOAAA i love the Docs! :DD
btw buku carrie itu bagus ga?hehehe

B.Gossip said...

Hey! Thank u for the nice comment. That editorial was about the single girl’s life and a bunch of stuff that Carrie Bradshaw probably would write =)
Congrats for the amazing blog sweetie, I’m following ;)

xo xo

Shen said...


Love the pictures, they look great. And Kiki's so cute <3

And a reply to your comment, yes I live in Australia ^^ Thanks for dropping by (:


lovepathie said...

thankyou for your comment on my blog dear.ive followedyour blog.follow back ya :))

Veronica Anita said...

wew, love gracia's boots !
cute dog, hehe


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a fabulous day with your sis!
you too looking good, heart the doc mart so much
really want to buy it, but my mom forbids me LOL

p.s.: i read vampire diaries too !:)

Castor Pollux

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

Nice outfit I love ur dr. Martins shoes and thanx for the lovely comments

Veren Lee said...

loooveee your sis' boots so much!
cool outfit of u and ur sister! :]

michelle_ said...

this is a great post !
i love the playful vibes of these photos gilbert !

ps. will reply ur email asasp yah..

diana! said...

cute kiki gilbert:)!
n cool outfit

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

the photos are so pretty! love her style too :) wanna exchange link?

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

i've linked and followed you back :) got any twitter account?

Vina said...

that dog is total cuteness!