1 August 2010


"Victoire Jin"
Ellevictoire & KNEON
Vienna, Austria

1. As it’s for my birthday, I want to know what will you wish for me!

a. First of all, happy birthday! I hope you’ll keep on being bubbly, sweet and stylish. Hopefully your next year will be the best so far.

2. How long have you been starting “ellevictoire” and who inspire you on blogging?

a. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I was mostly inspired by Childhoodflames – her style, her pictures and her frequent postings still inspire me now, although my inspiration list has expanded.

3. What is your propose of blogging?

a. My blog is an output for everything I love and enjoy; art, fashion, photography…above all, the purpose of my blog is to document life in all its adorable facets.

4. How can you describe your style?

a. I’d say simple with an edge. My outfits are usually quite simple, but I combine them with interesting accessories and shoes to make them more interesting.

5. What is the difference between fashionable and stylish in your opinion!

a. Hmm, I’ve never thought about this, and I’m sure if this is correct, but for me being fashionable is wearing the latest trends and making them world well on your body. Being stylish, on the other hand, is not necessarily following the trends, but still making everything you wear look great.

6. Umm, do you think that someone needs to wear all those branded stuffs just to look stylish?

a. I don’t think they’re necessary for someone to look stylish, but they’re branded for a reason: their quality is superior and their design is probably better. But they are definitely not a must if you want to be stylish

7. Then how do you think I can improve my blog?

a. You have a great layout and a wide variety of topics. Maybe you could try and post bigger images with the same size/width– it makes everything look cleaner and organized; just a suggestion!

8. What is the fashion stuffs that is a MUST in your wardrobe

a. Blazers, mini-skirts and band t-shirts.

9. From which store do you shop usually?

a. H&M

10. What is KNEON means and how was the idea of making idea run into your mind?

a. I was very inspired by online magazines such as I Love Fake and Sokozine, and wanted to have one of my own, combining everything I love – fashion, music, photography and art. I found some creative people to work with me and KNEON was thus born from a simple daydream!

(image courtesy of ellevictorie)

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janet said...

great interview~! :)
can't wait to see the next post!

AlvianaKalin said...

she is gorgeous!! and nice questions gilbert! :)

Liz said...

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your comment and Yeah I'm back in Sydney. Only went back to indo a for a short 5 weeks. :) So I see you have changed ur blog layout. its so much cleaner and nicer now. liked this post as well :D

michellehendra said...

kyaaa..she's uber cute la!! :))
mmm.. can't wait to meet youuuu so bad gilberrttt :))


janet said...

thanks for the reccomendation..~
I saw a one at zara but it was not big enough too~ next time I'll look around again ;D

Danielle said...

Lovely blog ♥

/Fashion Bowie

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

Love this post! I love them <3 btw saya tidak potong rambuttt :p

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TOPCOAT said...

Great interview, great style!


cathy. said...

cool interview! she looks awesome, definitely checking her out :)

TOPCOAT said...

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jasmine said...

♥ ouh,i love all picts