2 August 2010


"Michelle Koesnadi"
Jakarta, Indonesia

1. During your weekend, how do you spend your time?

My saturdays are dedicated to quality time with my boyfriend and friends. We usually get dinner, watch movies and have some drinks afterwards.

2. Who are your favorite fashion designers? And why??

Karl lagerfeld and albert elbaz. They manage to incorporate the latest trend into a piece that is timeless.

3. How can you define style?

Eclectic and mood-based.

4. Which item that you have bought and you found it really worth-it?

Tough question..lol..since most of the stuff I bought are quite versatile anyway. I'm not the type who shops but ends up not wearing the piece. If I had to choose one, then it would be my charles david wedges (and I DID bought that with my own money!).. It goes well with my outfits and its comfy to trot around all day long.

5. From all of the brands you own, what is your all time favorite brand? Why?

For designer it'd be Chanel. For high street, Zara. Chanel is just timeless and classy (which is one of my style traits). And Zara is the place for me to get the "trend" stuff that updates my classic pieces :)

6. As you got tons and tons of items in your wardrobe, how to keep them long-lasting?

I'm actually a bad maintenance person. I tend to throw everything into the closet :/ which isn't good at all.. Lol.. I try my best to store bags and shoes into the boxes and fleece pouches they come in :)

7. When you are lazy to dress up, what will you wear but still let you look so chic?

Leggings, oversize tshirt, blazer, and a pair of kick ass shoes (plus sunnies if I'm still lazy to wear makeup..lol)

8. If you have a chance to move to the other part of the world, which country and city will you choose?

I'd go to Melbourne, australia.. I know its not that fashion-y but I just love Melbourne as a place.. :) I'd love to move to Paris but language is one problem I have to face and the other is that I have to get used to the food. :)

9. Where do you usually get the stuffs to fill in your wardrobe?

Zara for most part..some Wishdrobe.. And some from small multi brand boutiques :)

and check out michelle featured on teenvogue.com



Anonymous said...

i like this post bahaha :D

Zabrinah said...

This is a great little editorial on michelle! I always love her shoes!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Anonymous said...

memang dia inspirational sekali, thanks for the comment.

Carissa said...

lovely interview <3

jamie-lee said...

I adore her, she has such fantastic style! x

michelle_ said...

thanks for the little feature gilbert :)