7 August 2010


Melissa Zino
Milan, Italy

1. If you could be any item of fashion, what would you love to be?

A bag without doubts. It’s the women’s world and it contains all her precious stuffs. It’s her best friend and it’s always with her during her days.

2. Describe your style in five words!

Eclectic, street- chic, thoughtful, sometime crazy, full of accessories.

3. Who is your favorite designer and why?

The three big brands I love more are Chanel for its great tradition, Balenciaga for its futuristic view of fashion and Alexander Wang, a real talented young designer. However, it’s a pleasure for me attending flea markets where I find some adorable vintage pieces and low-cost store like H&M, Topshop, F21 and U.O. I also love doing some online shopping.

4. You are the designer of the stuffs sold in abitofshopping right? Who inspire you in the design?

Yes, I also have a little online shop at www.abitofshopping.blogspot.com

My great source of inspiration is Chanel, my fav brand on earth. I try to revisit some icons of this maison, like the famous 2.55 bag, the classic pearls necklace or the tweed jacket. My creations are a unique pieces with a lot of applications like chains, beads, buttons, etc.

5. In this season, what is the thing that “a MUST” for you?

In this season there are a lot of MUST: clogs, floral prints and lace are the most important ones from my point of view. I don’t wear something just because is a MUST, but I think that every trend must be analyzed and modified according to your own personality and body shape.

6. As you got lots and lots of branded stuffs, does fashionable means by wearing branded stuffs?

I like branded stuffs, especially bags and shoes but I also like unknown clothes and accessories. I like mixing branded accessories and clothing with low-cost pieces to create a very personal and unique style.

7. What is your current fashion obsession?

My current fashion obsessions are two or three models of bags but I don’t want to reveal them because I’m planning to buy them and you’ll discover them on my blog, a surprise for all my readers.

8. Since when you start blogging? And what was the first thing that make you wanted to blog?

My blog was born in the 2009, November the 11th to be a kind of diary describing a journey into my world to discover my style, my creations, my personality and all that captures my attention in my every day life. I started blogging to share my style and compare my ideas with other fashion lovers. I also hope to enjoy my readers and always give them new and fresh ideas.

9. As my birthday is coming soon, what will you wish me? Thanks Melissa!

I wish you can realize all your dreams, with heart.



Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

she looks gorgeous!!
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Melissa Z. said...

Thanks a lot for this interview and post! <3


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she looks so great! good interview :D

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she's pretty :)
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gorgeous blogger !
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love the first 2 pix!

F i K a said...

woow.I don't know her but she's gorgeous!!
waiting for the dylana's review :)

anw, yeesss we should meet someday..I really want to go to spore..but I can't take a day off from office and still have to save the money for my wedding :p..why don't you visit jakarta bert??hahaha

mel said...

she is amazing! love her style, and she is so sweet:)


Kalyana Dewi said...

she has a good style, and i love her place: MILAN !!

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