4 August 2010


"Lauretha Sudjono"
Surabaya, Indonesia!

1.What does myrrh goldframe means? And why do you choose this name as your blog title?

I named my blog Myrrh after buying Myrrh scent of potpourri. I've just love the scent of spicy myrrh quite reflects my character.

And I add Goldframe because i adore Goldfrapp as my diva.

So it's similar to her, she's just too awesome. Great woman singer with great fashion sense everytime she performs.

2.How do you define your style? And where do you get your fashion reference?

My style is rough and rude. Honestly I love to dress up more rockish, grungy and street living for my daily fashion. Denim vest, destroyed jeans, leather pants, lace boots, and studded bangles.

I got my fashion reference from my fave musician icon, from the magz, from people on the street, from my fashion fantasy.

3. Do you have any fashion quote?

Yep. "I don't follow trend. They're just not my thing at all" -Leigh Lezark-

4. As a music reporter, is it a MUST for you to be stylish?

Actually I’m not a music reporter, coincidentally I’m a vocalist of electronic experimental band, also bands manager and radio announcer so it is close to music industry. In my opinion,

There’s no “MUST to be stylish" list to be working in such kind music industry. All I need to do is just follow the instinct of how we dressed according to our idealism.

5. And do you find yourself stylish? And how to judge someone is stylish or not?

Hmm.. I think its people right to judge whether we're stylish or not. I don't judge myself to be or not to be stylish.

me myself is always trying to dress up properly.

How to judge someone is stylish or not? if the person truly knows how to mix the dresses, the shoes , the accessories properly.

And if the person really knows what she/he wants to wear by following their nature sense of fashion. That's what i called stylish

6. Where do you usually get all those cool stuffs in your wardrobe?

I’m not particularly shopping fanatically for one store. i shop everywhere, anytime I found most interesting stuff I BUY. hahaha. Thrift store, online shop, branded stores.

7. Is there any fashion designer that you really adore? And why?

Sure. Sonia Rykiel. It's edgy, it's irregular, and it’s out of the box art of fashion. I love mostly Sonia's collection. Wish I could have one of the collections. Heaven!

Yeah! My birthday is gonna be so soon! Wish me something tante! Wohoo!!
*ps I called loreth as "tante"

Hey there, narcissus kiddo! wish you become an icon in the future whatever it is your community. Yeay!!!!

Are there any tips to improve my blog? And what do you think of it?

Hmm.. add more interesting photos of you maybe. It’s your blog. so it's all yours. hahaha. <3 . i love you. (*thinking of it)

idling.. due to my trip back home :)


Anonymous said...

ahh lu bisa aja manggil kk.nama jg gpp kali bert..hihi,wih dia emang keren bgt ya.. skrg lu jd suka review blog gitu,bagus bert :)

Vinda Sonata said...

wah asiknya yang di-feature.
keren tuh blogger. nice style, she seems fierce, just like me. hehehehe ;)

cathy. said...

I love the last photo, super hardcore :)

F i K a said...

lauretha is roooockk!!
oke oke nih bert yang di featured :)..can't wait to see another featured blogger :)

michelle_ said...

she's definitely one cool girl !


Ashley said...

Great posts!!! Definitely lovin these interviews!

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

wow lauretha sudjono is rock girl! love her style soo much :)

great interview :)

ye55i said...

She is so stylish! hehehe.
Gak ada yg merit btw.. itu lagi ada acara year end dari kantor, jd pada nginep gitu di hotel. hehehe

Anonymous said...

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