26 August 2010

Rainbow on Earth!

little piece of Haji Lane!

as Claradevi asked me not to post about Haji Lane until she visits it by herself,
I am just so kind enough to postpone everything until October!

these shoes are goddamn cute and they are just retail for $46 isn't that a great deal?
should let you have eyegasmic with their items

let's wait!



stellectism said...

Haji Lane is definitely a small, beautiful corner in Singapore. The atmosphere there is just so great.
I'm sure you love Haji Lane to the last bit bert, but I bet you'll love it more if you come to its regular flea markets. Watch out for the dates and try to drop by there :)

claradevi said...

hahaha it's okay though if you really wanna post it, I didnt mean to stop you (it was kinda joke you know)
But DAMN those shoes are GOOD!!!
damn i didnt go there!


i want one in every color!!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

woaa! so awesome


♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

thousands wowwwww for these, kiddo!
take me there when i visit you.. someday. yeah..someday! hope it'll come soon. =D

Love to see the eyegasmic shoe fetish above!!! auwww! if you were a girl like me, i know you'd be purchase them all. lovely!!!!

The Monochromatique Stylitude


Myrrh Goldframe

Candy Carnival said...

What's the name of this shop? :D