1 October 2010

Because GOD saves the Queen!

So here it is!

"Alexander McQueen Resort 2011"


Sarah Burton proved she's the only choice to expand on Lee McQueen's legacy with a Resort collection that effortlessly updated his design codes without losing his drama.

source: style.com

Sitting for papers have been killing me! seriously! getting away from computer are just as hard as staying away from foods. something the hungriness of getting updated with whats new!

and forcing myself to sleep as early as possible so when I don't fall asleep during class is starting to be a habit now as I need to concentrate in this last lap of the race!

Wish me luck!
 recently, I feel that when I am down, there are so much supports out there and I realize sometimes people who doesn't really know me, support me well rather than my old friends!
not all maybe, but yeah! they are almost gone from my life and just left to be some memories!

Well, people change, so do I!
No one remains the same. 
that's the reason why I love photos!
as when the people change, the photos don't!
I bet you don't want to read anymore so just ended up here with this red gown from McQ!

In case you didn't manage to catch the news,

Lalita from LALITA TIAN
is giving away a "Sou Brette Neckpiece"
 just fyi, Sou Brette is an accessories line made by Indonesian, and their designs are just so cool and creative!

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and what's will be good to go together with a necklace? 
a BRACELET from Emily Ma from em.me.ma

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so, till me weet again!



silviasiantar said...

as much as how i love the exquisite designs, i'm loving the gorgeous platform pumps

mirramie said...

i just can say "WOW" Mc Queen is awsone..


Owen said...

It's such a lost McQueen had to die :( i just cant say a word but wow for the collection! nice post

vivi said...

can't agree more with ci silvia, the platform heels drive me crazy. gorgeous ! :)
and fell in love with the nude pumps <3
i feel like the first dress is some kind of kimono and hanbok fusion ... LOVES

t a l i s h a said...

i don't know if it's just me or what, but i love the camel- tone platforms the most.. hahahahahahha! =p


Tabitha said...

wow! I always heart his design for shoes. thank you for sharing us :)


Anonymous said...

love the pumps!
thanks for your participation, bert! :)
have a great day
join my first giveaway: SOU BRETTE necklace

stellectism said...

camel-tone platform FTW!

p.s. : my life in sg was pretty much like you bert. I guess we used to use internet for long hour. I totally support you to cut down the intrnt hours and back to a healthy lifestyle. see you soon I hope :) !

TigerLily said...

Me likey the lace-y :D

The fashion blog:http://twothousandthings.blogspot.com
The other blog:http://tigerlilysbook.blogspot.com

20 York Street said...

God I love McQueen! The collection is absolutely brilliant!


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janet said...

superb collections!