22 October 2010

Today Obsession! Bracelet and Bracelet

So today obsessions are from Balenciaga.
which I guess all of you have know which items that I like

1. Bracelet Classic Triple Tour in Royal Blue
retailing for US$195 from balenciaga online store
Isn't it lovely? oh GOD! I want it!

so the other type that I love is this!

2. Bracelet Classic in Black  
Retailing for US$195 as well, this is another love!
this one is thicker and I love it in black! OMG
how nice If I could just get all the things I want!


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 *the Christmas decoration is starting to rock Singapore, isn't it too early as Christmas is still in two months time!


diana! said...

thanks gilbert:) i love that photo session too.n how d photographers edit my photo into like that:)

fhen said...

i like the 2nd bracelet!
eh really meh? christmas decoration? where?


Jennifer said...

i prefer the 1st one ;))
well, sydney is nice but i don't like it that much in here.
have a great weekend !

Ariyani Sukma said...

whoopsy such a awesome bracelet and the price more awesome hehehehe
anyway, thank u for checking my blog and leave comment to my blog

Vinda Sonata said...

nice bracelets, gilbert.

p.s. cc uda pake braces sejak setaun lalu. taun depan dilepas. :)

Lorreta F. Michelle said...

both are good. but I prefer the black ones :)
okay followed you already.. don't forget to follow me back :p

have a great weekend!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

both are edgy, even I wish i could have one of them myself!

re: your comment was so flattering, thank you so much for that and following! :) take care!

t a l i s h a said...

wii you featured my bracelet! finally got the time to swing by your blog... keep posting bert :)