20 October 2010

Today Obsession! Shoes and Shoes!

Another Obsessions of the Day!
Should add these in Christmas Presents' List!

Both are from Christian Louboutin!
Seriously I just couldn't get my eyes off these two loves! 

*ps, I am size 43 so in case anyone want to get me these!

1. Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato in Leopard!
retailing for US$945 from Christian Louboutin Official Online Store. but apparently they are only available for those residing in US. or maybe Singapore store will carry it. 
 seriously, who could resist this pretty pair of Loubs! the leopard are just so in trend and I am so in love with the high top model! so yay or nay? you decide! 

Mum, may I ? 

another great pair is this! 

2. Christian Louboutin Louis Men's Flat spikes!
This is another heart-throb that seriously get my heart fall for it! the spikes and the color are just so love! but I am not so into the loafers version as I saw someone wore it in Orchard Road. Call me selfish, but I hate when I saw someone use the thing I want to buy or the things I have!

 Feel that My Christmas Presents' list is gonna be a super long. I just need a lot of bucks to get all of them!

Dad, umm please?

School is keeping us to pay for a lot and lots of things and seriously I need the money to shop kay? stop asking us to pay those thing which actually don't even cost so expensive! 
money sucker!

 and congrats for ZETfashion for winning the Lanvin x H&M trailer video!
click here to watch! 


 anyway, went to Warehouse ION today to look for some nice dress for my sister and turned out to be the sale items are not nice at all and the sizes are OMG damn Huge!

couldn't wait for Lanvin x H&M collection to be released soon!  


Anna Katrina said...

wow i am in love with them both!!

stop by sometime<3

mirramie said...

and my size is 37, wondering someone want bought to me, hehehe...


vanessa27 said...

loving the second shoess :D
god choice

cecil said...

they are so cuteeee ♥

Shane Bailey said...

I missed the Louis sneakers with all the spikes last season because they were so quickly sold out. And this season's is even better: spikes on suede!

VICTORIA said...

Hello dearest !
You are just as amazing as yourself ! :) Thankyou sooo much for the sweetest comment! It really did make y night! <3

I also followed you ;)
x victoria


em.me.ma said...

yummy sneakerss:)
i've been saying i need of decent comfortable shoes for so long but heels are soooo luring haha.

so YA i thought another vcataion, might as well when I WON't have summer next year! (stuck in school) and oh please take me away from this cold place! dominican republic sounds good ;)

Tamara S. Putri said...

very chic! I love high tops and the leopard prints are just the icing on top ;)
love your blog :)


Anonymous said...

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