19 November 2010


It's like at last! as I could meet two fellow bloggers! Fhenny and Stella, its been so long that I wanted to meet them!
it was so funny that actually both of them are really petite!
I saw Fhenny on b'girl in the "petite bloggers" article but it never came to my mind that actually she is so petite! CUTE! (*I feel so GIGANTIC!)

we went to Coffee Bean and had some chats, the place was freezin cold and I was having cold and cough at the time! and I just know that Fhen was having cough too at that time!then before we left, we went out of ION,to have our of narcism time! to be truth they are more narcist than me! :p
Besides, when we wanted to take photos, we were chased away by a photographer complete with all the photography equipments, so we looked for the models and we just noticed that the three ladies (to be specific, they look like aunties!) were the models! and their outfit were horrible! Stella and Fhen even dressed way better than them!
so here are some photos! 

I love this one by Fhen!
We decided to have our photos taken together so we decided to ask a guy, who look quite professional

and actually he is more "professional" than what we imagined!
see, what he did!

focus on the tree and all of us are blur! total FAIL!
so note for you guys, never judge a book by its cover!

the double petite!

and to close this post! I must wondering what happened as Fhen and me laughed until like that! and Stella caught our priceless expression!

are we making toothpaste adv, Fhen?

wearing: shirt, jeans - guess jeans, all-time favorite watch rolex, and my red chuck taylor (not shown)

The whole meeting was so fun and I just couldn't wait to meet Fhen and Stella again!
see you guys then..



AlvianaKalin said...

what a warm smile, gilbert!

Owen said...

seems you guys had fun :) have a nice weekend!

Irene Melia Puspita said...

seem three of you had so much fun! nice post :D


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

wow,,,nice shot and such a lot of fun..

F i K a said...

hwaaa..it must be a fun meet up!! and I don't know that you are that tal gilbert!! hahaha

and yesss,,you look like a gigantic among them :p

mariska said...

such amazing time overthere
love the photos,


diana! said...

thanks for d correction gilbert:)

Vinda Sonata said...

hey how are you gilbert?
been so long yaa...
nice pictures, they look really fun. it's been quite a long time since i last took pictures with friends. i kinda miss those sweet moments.
thank you for sharing the warmth:)

Kalyana Dewi said...

wahh it looks like you all had too much fun, and it's quite funny that the guy focussed on the tree

Are you that tall, or is ci fhen that petite? :D


Fivyolen Qiu said...

i love your smile :D


looks like a very fun bonding with fellow bloggers! <3 coooooool

Taradiddles of a style on a budget

Ario Achda said...

hahaha, i dunno y but i really love ur big smile. it seems...warm >.<

stellectism said...

It was nice to meet you gilbert! :) wish we could take more photos tough. hahaha and oh my goodness, my face looks huge on the first pic! hahaha. take care till we meet again!

Blackswan said...

that is so cool that you got to meet not 1 but 2 other bloggers!! must of been a lot of excitement there!

loving your outfit, and more importantly your necklace!!?? where did you get it from?!

come stop by for a visit or follow too?!


x Your Only Blackswan