10 November 2010

when you turn wiser and not older!

last sunday was my dearest cousin birthday so here are some bites from her blast!

will soon reach you guys and filled you guys with lots and lots of outfit photos!

don't runaway! :)
I will be back soon!



I bet you guys are still remember about the pretty fellow blogger Claradevi from

Surprisingly, they have managed to collect the donations that is now reaching over US$7800, isn't that really great? They then use the money to help the refugees to get more aids for their critical needs. and I would really love to thank her for the chance given to us to share with those people who are just not as lucky as us.
Relate to those who wanted to make a donation but missed the Rollie sale, Clara has made another chance for you. Nearly an online garage sale will be up, all profits as always goes for the charity for refugees. For real-time updates, she tweet on her @claradevi account. She's throwing my vintage-y collection and homemade clothes for the sale... Hope more people get helped by the act. (all the collection are handmade by Claradevi and friends)
I just couldn't wait! I bet you guys too! :)
just remember this!
If we weren't the one who care, then who will?
so do our turns now! I just couldn't wait for my rollei camera to come.


AlvianaKalin said...

hey, don't just post the champagne picture, bring them here!! LOL


mm champagne!

Cindy Tantarica said...

gilbert, the flower is lovely! :)

aisaicha said...

beautiful pictures :)

Karina Pricilla said...

we got no hm store here :(
yes yes wish im gonna score the leopard one ;) asked my brother to grab it for me already.hehe

faboosh baboosh.

diana! said...

happy bday for your cousin:)
thanks for your lovely commnt gilbert:)

Marloes. said...

love these shots!

Karin Zhou said...

hahaha. i love champagne!


Vinda Sonata said...

great pictures gilbert.
thank you for sharing yaa:)
have a nice day.

p.s.oohh itu adult content-nya voluntary. soalnya ada alcohol dan cigarette, ga baik buat semua umur:)

em.me.ma said...

such a good cause! wow 7800! tha's amazing.

Abi said...

Beautiful flowers. Happy belated birthday to your cousin!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

good luck with the garage sale! it's such a great cause

Fitri said...

thanks for sharing us about garage sale for charity, so goodluck :*

TigerLily said...

Oh so you bought the Rollei camera, that's very generous of you to make some donation! We need more bloggers like you hehe..


Uptown Twirl Girl Cara said...

i want the champagne too x x

Kaleido Mind said...

sunflowers are always a great addition to a bouquet! beautiful photos:)

Miy said...

cool bouquet and I want that champagne, pleasee.. lol..

The Picnic Girl

LhaLa a.k.a. Marshella said...

hey one of Yemima's friend :) I'm one of her junior and yes I love your shots! followed! mind check mine if you have time? merci:)

Veren Lee said...

I can't wait c clara's garage sale too!
the dresses should be very cutee and feminime :D

.a little princess

agnes said...

très jolies photos

Susan said...

aww, can't wait to see her garage sale! Wow, u bought the rollei camera? so kind of you bert :D

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the flower arrangement and the post that follows. It's bright and soothing. Thanks for sharing and visit me too when you have time.


michelle_ said...

happy birthday to your cousin gilbert :)

michellehendra said...

feel sad for indonesia, hopefully the garage sale turns out to sumthin.
thanks for your comment love.


fhen said...

happy birthday to your cousin, gilbert
and it was nice meetin you that day
happy photo?
had fun meeting you guys ma? haha
eh i have just linked you on my latest post, just now i forget haha
hope we can meet again another time

and i cant wait to see clara's garage sale :)


Oslo by fashion said...

i love moet! Looks like you guys had a blast! Really love the design on youre blog :)

rebecca said...

yummy yummy champagne! happy birthday to your cousin (:


Tabitha said...

may I taste the champagne ;P


Anonymous said...

Wow, lovely bouquet! Happy birthday to your cousin!
What she does is a nice thing *thumbs up* We're a fan of her blog too! :D

Castor Pollux

hiven said...

lovely x hivennn.