2 November 2010

Oh Lanvin! Oh H&M! { updated }

{updated with women lookbook and prices}

The best collaboration between H&M after Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney! actually I love the Jimmy Choo one but still Lanvin does something better! Alber, you rocks!
Lanvin for H&M!
excited! OMG I should definitely go HK or Japan! I should grab these all soon!
aren't you excited! watch the video to see more of the clothes and designs!

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Tuxedo: $299, Bowtie: $29.95, Shirt: $49.95, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(*ooh! I want the big white flower brooch + the blazer! and the sunnies are hot steal!)

Shirt: $59.95, Bowtie: $29.95, Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(I want the high waist pants!)

Coat: $149, Blazer: $149, Shirt: $49.95, Bowtie: $29.95, Pants: $59.95, Cap: $19.95, Shoes: $79.95
(see the shoes and the coat! my winter essentials!) *its like singapore/indo got winter?

Blazer: $149, Pants: $59.95, T-shirt: $19.95, Shirt: $49.95, Shoes: $79.95,
Sunglasses: $19.95
(the leopard print t-shirt wore inside ! drool! i want and I want! and not to missed out the shawl collared blazer!) the one in white is a must too!

Coat: $249, Pants: $59.95, Scarf: $49.95, Shirt: $49.95, Cap: $19.95, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(the shoes and the coat! must have!!!)

Blazer: $149, Shirt: $49.95, Tie: $29.95, Pants: $59.95, Cap: $19.95, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(blazer! blazer and blazer!! Ohmy, I need lots of blazer I think)

Tuxedo (only jacket shown): $299 for pants and jacket, Vest: $49.95, Shirt: $49.95, Bowtie: $29.95,
Pants: $59.95, Shoes: $79.95
(shoes and shoes and shoes!)

SHOES! I want all of them! one pair per colour please? I want the blue and pinkish-purple the most! Oh shit! I think my Christmas present lists is way too long! 
OMG I drool! I want them so badly now and somemore they only retail for $80 as $0.05 is not counted! LOL! ! I want all the 4 pairs!
I think I gonna bring them to my dream tonight! OMG Alber, thats not good ya know! :)
and don't you just love the coats! I fainted!

I bet my sisters will jaw-dropping after looking at these!

Dress: $249, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95, Bag: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(notice the leopard preens? growl!)

Dress: $199, Earrings: $19.95, Belt worn as bracelet: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
( the best dress amongst the all, according to me, as its simple yet elegant in the brightest yellow! I bet you will catch everyone attention!)

T-shirt: $39.95, Skirt: $59.95, Jacket: $149, Shoes: $99, Necklace: $29.95, Belt worn as necklace: $19.95 Sunglasses: $19.95
( the faux fur jacket and the skirt! lovely!!)

T-shirt: $49.95, Jacket: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Belt: $19.95, Necklace: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95, Necklace (worn as bracelet): $49.95
(the shoes and the shoes! I think the sheer cardigan will goes well with the red sheer dress as well! *look at pic 10 of women lookbook)

Dress: $199 Shoes: $99 Gloves: $49.95 Necklace: $49.95 Sunglasses: $19.95
(floral preens! this gonna be a super nice dress for spring 2011 which is 2 months away!)

Dress: $199, Shoes: $99, Brooch: $19.95, Necklace: $49.95, Bracelet: $29.95,
Sunglasses: $19.95
(statement necklace? OMG!)

Dress: $199, Vest: $99, Necklace: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95,
Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $199, Belt worn as necklace: $19.95, Leather gloves: $49.95 Bracelet: $29.95, Brooch: $19.95, Necklace worn as belt: $29.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95
(*see necklace as belt, and belt as necklace)

Skirt: $59.95, Coat: $199, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(remind me of cruella! LOL)

Dress: $249, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(the purse didn't flatter me actually! but still its a hot steal with that price)

Dress: $249, Pink necklace: $39.95
(don't ya feel like black odette?)

T-shirt: $39.95, Blazer (styled with pin from men's tuxedo jacket): $99, Skirt: $99, Shoes: $99, Pink necklace: $39.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(I love this! nothing much to say!)

Dress (styled with fur collar from coat not pictured): $149, Necklace: $29.95, Earrings: $19.95, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95
(the dress the dress and the shoes!)

Dress: $199, Necklaces each: $29.95, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95,
Sunglasses: $19.95
(this dress is gonna be a hot steal too! as you can see it looks so elegant! see the first pic of the post!)

Coat: $349, Earrings: $19.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95
(trench coat anyone?)

Coat: $199, Necklace: $39.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95
(furry and furry!)
and a lil collage I made from the Lanvin for H&M lookbook!


anyway, I just got my cousin the chanel soho nail polish! I love the strong colour! steel and strong! :D
actually I was looking for Les Khakis de Chanel but currently they are out of stock so I think Soho Edition is not bad at all! because I feel that Christmas edition is too loud!
love yeah guys! I just couldn't believe that Christmas is in 54 days :)

photo courtesy of H&M, myMANybags

*non fashion related post! I hope you guys will keep reading! :) Thanks!

I hope that when everyone is so excited bout everything Lanvin x H&M,
I hope people still remember how many people out there who are suffering after the Damaging flood in Wasior - Papua; earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai - Sumatera, and the last one volcano eruption in Middle Java and Jokjakarta. So through this super short last paragraph, I hope that my readers, either from Indonesia or from the other countries, may like to help those people who are now in the camp after losing their house after the earthquake, floods, and also the volcano eruption.

this pretty lady down here, Ms. Claradevi Handriatmadja from Sunflares Plethora together with her other 5 pals are holding a fund-raising
so don't hesitate to tweet them! (@claradevi, @anglaina, @adeladelia, @naddasalma. @muuuthia and @mistymimit)

Claradevi from Sunflares Plethora

In these few weeks, they managed to raise the amount of US$2650 or around IDR 24.000.000. which could only help around 4 camps where are about 50 refugees camps. So I really hope that my readers will willingly donate to those people.
as those people who have watched Eat.Pray.Love may still remember about how Liz managed to get her friends from all over the world to donate for Tuti and her mum in Bali to build their house. So now, the real action is called!

In the other hand, Ms. Clara is also selling hers and her boyfriend's new rollei camera! for those who are interested in photography this is the right time as you get a new camera and you are helping those people! :)

they are retailing for IDR 220,000 which is USD $22 each.
Each purchased package will contain of one Rollei Retro 400 ISO Single Use Camera with film and flash, two local retro-styled postcard, and a choice of : 5 vintage-styled golden buttons or one lace ribbon. and the good news is all shipping is free! :)

and you can read more about this donation activity in Ms.Clara newest blogpost!
click HERE
me, myself, admitted that I haven't donate any single cent for those people in the refugees camp and I feel quite guilty as I spent my money for something like less important which actually I can use the money to help lots and lots of people outside there!
the amount of donation is not the one we are talking about, its the heart to help and the willing to help that matter.
Maybe a dollar for us is nothing but for them, it means a lot for them!
So start taking action people!

for serious donors, please contact theclaradevi (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet her! as mentioned @claradevi on twitter!
Whoever interested to be a donor also can contact her and send the donation to her paypal address (theclaradevi@gmail.com). Every report about the donation will be live-reported from her twitter account or by following this hashtag : #pedulimerapi (mainly written in Indonesian, so for foreign donors, feel free to ask me/her for translation).

If we are not the one who care, then who else?

all the best for Indonesia and for all the people. #prayforIndonesia

Spread the words, spread the love, save more life and may you'll be blessed by fortunes in return. We thank you for every single thing you have done to help those people :)

May GOD bless everyone of us. keep spreading the words. no regrets!
for more information bout this donation activity, you guys are welcome to email/tweet me too! I will be happily help you guys to pass the word to Ms.Clara

gilbertganda@hotmail.com and @gilbertganda

Lots of love,


Manuella said...

i hoope i will get somethingg from this collection ♥


that first dress is gorg

kirstyb said...

canot wait xxxxxx

Youri said...

i love the green trench coat!

em.me.ma said...

holy crap that's a brilliant video !

loved it so much.and yes i did make that pink dress! but not well so it kept rising haha.

Fatima said...

I am sooo excited for the collection!!



claradevi said...

Oh the yellow dress is hailing me LOUD!
i never really interested on bright colour before, but these collection is seriously MAD!!

Bruno said...

First of all, let me say: YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME.
Thanks for posting the picture of the male shoes, I wanted to see them a little bit better so thanks haha. I love those blue ones, I actually want to have those haha ;$ I adore this Lanvin collection


Collette Osuna said...

Hello...just found your blog....LOVE Lanvin..cant wait to get my hands on some pieces:)

Stop by and say Hello ♥
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michelle_ said...


glisters and blisters

Becca. said...

love love love that pinky/red dress it's gorgeous!!!


Kate said...

Great blog! Looks like great minds think alike! Love the men's collection too especially those metallic shoes he really is a genius! xx

Evelyn Halim said...

you must go to HK soon and grab them all!!!
especially those tuxedos and the black shoes
i adore like most of the clothes..


Anonymous said...

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Marloes. said...

I can't wait for november 23rd!

Raez said...

so loving this collection. those mens shoes are just drool worthy. too bad they probably dont come in women's size 6!

xx raez

fhen said...

oui oui the lanvin is terribly gorgeous
the yellow dress is just so adorable
i want the pink necklace and leopard shoes too

Vinda Sonata said...

love the designs gilbert.
and thank you for your sweet comments as always. they make me smile:)
have a nice weekend.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

the men's collection is awfully neat, and the women's dresses are so pretty! I hope to get the blue dress.
and yeah these earthquakes and eruptions have been such a tragedy, it's so powerful that it actually brought people together in a cause. and it has not even ended yet, I'm honestly very worried of what's going to happen. like what if Krakatau erupts? i couldn't even begin to imagine :(

hiven said...

x enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

love the post! thanks for Lanvin latest news & the donation info as well. have a goodieee day ;)


Turquoise and Lily said...

love lanvin. those collection are great. but they are so expensive

Karina Pricilla said...

i want to grab the whoooooole collection! LOL
too bad we dont hv h&m here in sydney :( yeeppp the shoes is transparant ;) seen it in the sass n bide store few days ago.

Shane Bailey said...

Womenswear are much more fun than menswear, as always ~~

jhon said...

nice post love it

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Keith L. Jennings said...

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