24 April 2010

take off your shoes and walk barefoot

birthday cake of lyccocy mirror!

first of all, really sorry for the long hiatus! not because of the study
but because I have been out for everynights these few days and that cause me getting home late at night!
we spent our whole night at brotzeit eating the bornacle and sausages!
and also spent the later night at heavenly loft with some desserts + BOON TONG KEE for super late supper..
 but serious thats fun!

since god-aunt and her friends were in town for few days as they were just back from their trip to nippon!
I am so interested to go japan after looking at their picture! but they said that the japanese food here is much more better than the real japan made one!

birthday girl!

and.. my god-aunt birthday was celebrated here in hardrock cafe! and its so coincidence that her birthday is the same as the grand opening of hard rock cafe sentosa! so its just like we are the first guest! :D
and also we made a little suprise for her by getting her baloon and hand-drawn cake from the icing house, 313.
after that she got another surprise from the hardrock staffs! they shouted really loud in the cafe and told everyone that it was her birthday and asked everyone to sing happy birthday song for her!

and LAST THING! THE HILARIOUS ONE! We went to bysi to browse through their new collection and the shopkeeper thought that my god-aunt is my gf! 0.0 shock siaa!

so here is some of our favorites from hardrock cafe!

potato skins ~ free ice creams!

duo combo - chicken,ribs

btw, tomorrow is hayumi birthday! :D she is 5 this year thats mean in the age of dog she is now 35!
photos coming soon!


one more one more! (promise this is the last!)
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( I AM CRAVING FOR WAYFARER!) wish me luck! :x (crossing fingers)

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19 April 2010

under the lost world

monty's casa de wild ~ far far away
yesterday was great! First, we have our breakfast buffet at carousel, royal plaza on scotts.
the food is quite okay but actually it didn't really satisfy us.
since it is quite different as what we had last time! but overall its still okay

black pepper ham- turkey bacon- turkey ham ( I damn love these! )

after that, we headed to resort world sentosa!
actually we went there quite early in the morning but imagine what?
there was really packed and hot!

the casino entry

know what? there are two line divided as the Singaporean and the tourist lane!
and the result is nobody on the Singaporean lane and a long queue in the tourist lane
and the hilarious rules are no slippers allowed, no shorts?
so taxi driver, if you see people coming out from the casino wearing shorts or slippers, don't worry they haven't gamble all their money in there!

then moving to the universal studio, we headed to HERSHEY'S store outside the universal studio

how we love the hershey giant bottle and you can create an own bottle with your pics on them! :) cool huh?

soon after realizing that we won't have that much of time anymore,
we got in to universal studio directly and our first destination is the universal studio store!
we bought the transparent umbrella :D

and also headed to betty boops' + hollywood store and we got each of us the same t-shirt for the day!
(but sorry I didn't take any picture, my camera is running out of battery. but PROMISE! I will ask the pic from my cousin as soon as possible!)
stay tune!

and sorry! no outfit post yet! I will be back really soon :D
and really appreciate all of your wishes for my blog's 1st anniversary :)
I am so regret of not getting the annual fun ticket! :( I wanna go and buy the annual ticket as soon as possible

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10 April 2010

*the trumpet calls and the drumrolls*

*drumrolls and trumpet calls*

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♥mango delirium perfume♥

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2 April 2010


and here is my younger sister again...

pink flower headband-diva, pink dress-gingersnaps, belt-bysi

Hey peopas! tomorrow is Good Friday!
 A very meaningful day for all the Christians as its the day that Jesus sacrifice himself died in the cross to save those who believe in Him :)
although we are not Christian, my cousins and I are celebrating it with exchanging present which have the criteria of the stuffs must be colourful, round like an egg :)
so I got sephora handwash for this but the price of it hasn't reach the limit so I need to get something more..

This hectic start to come to the end for just a few weeks since I am going to face the mid-year test in the end of April :O
and I got 3 papers for English and Chinese which are the two subjects that I didn't do well :(

hope I do well this term :)

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