12 July 2010

waka waka

see how happy they are! SPAIN YOU ROCKS!

stayed up until around 4 am in the morning! I was watching through mivo tv, as I didn't wish to distract anyone sleep.. the game was actually so boring as they couldn't even score during the 90 minutes match, and just made a goal when there was extra time given.. but yeah! I support spain! VIVA ESPANA!
*keep reminding me of viva la juicy

Actually the whole game is just about drama and drama!
ps* I knew when spain successfully scored! although my eyes were so sleepy, I still could read my timeline and everyone was like tweeting GOAL, GOALLL!


11 July 2010

The Flower Fever

Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2010

John Galliano for Christian Dior started off couture week with serious flower power. Galliano’s collection gave mother nature a run for her money, and he sent a vibrant bouquet of models down the runway (plastic wrapping included). As we drooled over the looks, we started to crave some flowers. And since we can afford flowers and not Dior Couture, we figured a bouquet was in order. But what to buy?

We know fashion not flowers. So we stopped by New York’s flower market district to check in with Superior Florists (828 Sixth Ave.). They’ve been in the same location since 1930, making it one of the oldest flower shops in the city. Superior Florists is a family biz, and the third generation, Stan Rosenberg, 72, runs the place today. These guys know their stuff.

We checked in with designer Jesus Rivera, who has worked at the shop for 19 years, to get his take on the collection.

“I think it’s pretty ingenious,” says Rivera. “Those dresses look close enough to the real thing.”

(article courtesy of fashionista.com)

Look by look, Rivera identified the floral inspiration behind each piece.

So if you’re looking for a little Dior couture to take home – try some of these flowers.

10 July 2010


fedex them to me, durh!

Jalan S.parman! deket" sama famous cafe

Jalan Sei Deli, simpang gatot subroto
more info @makanmana

Jalan perniagaan!

I want them! just hope that singapore will have these kind of foods! although they are not those foods in luxury cafe or anything but the TASTE!
you guys should try them when you visit medan!


jovian, me, gracia, elva *the birthday girl*

edwin, gracia, elva, me

her party was quite long time ago!
and we did enjoy!
meet tiffany from tiffany's record!
the party was held in eccexx, the place where my sis held her birthday early in the year!

I am hitting 50 followers soon baby! and wait for the giveaway soon and to celebrate my birthday as well next month! so what you guys want for giveaway?
THANKS for everyone who have given their attention tomy blog and being so kind to stop at my blog!

once again, thanks!

armani exchange shirt and jeans, rolex watch

4 July 2010

no raindrops for today!


 at last, there is no rain for today.
time has been hard when its raining. we need to queue for so long just to get a taxi! that sucks rite?
everyone choose to take taxi and we ended up waiting for so long just for a taxi!

and that is the introduction of my sis new doc martens!
I am planning to get one too! but I hardly find a color that suit me well!
so we ended up heading to orchard [again..]
and went to kinokuniya to get some novels.
I got the carrie before sex and the city, and my sis got the books of vampire series.
think that I will fill my day with reading those books!

all the stores are so crowded. planned to check on the new Louis Vuitton but changed my mind when all the people queue up just to get in. hate to wait and hate to be in the crowded.
and the same thing happened to chanel store. so crowded.
but the interesting fact is all those who are queuing up are actually indonesian

so when we were going home, we took some pics near there! :)

this month teen-vogue! :)
gracia: bossini checked shirt, guess shorts, belt, watch, charles&keith bag, diva necklace, doc martens boots

the books!
and we found this cute bracelet from accessorize!
say hi! to kiki!
tomorrow is youth day! and thats mean NO SCHOOL! isn't it deserve a yay?
gotta go for now!
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