12 December 2013

Jolly Season's Gift Guide

It is the end of the year, again. It is unbelievable on how many things had happened this whole 2013. From me getting into Architecture School and Gracia got into her Finance school. It is also the first half of the last year of secondary school for Gladys. It is sometimes, or most of the time, unbelievable on how fast the time flies. Or maybe, I had grown older, as they said when you are older, each days passed faster and faster.

And now, with just a blink of eyes, 2013 is ready to say goodbye and we are forced to get ready to welcome 2014. I could barely believe that despite on how crazy and hectic this year had been (excuse for abandoning this blog), I managed to go through the whole first year of life as an architecture student! 

Alright, enough with all the ramblings, back to the topic of the end of year, definitely we are excited for this occasion called "Christmas". I remember a mate asked me, "Do you celebrate Christmas?" and I remember exactly how did I answer that question. I said "Christmas is a celebration that I assume, everyone on the planet Earth, despite on what religions or races, celebrate."

 It is also the occasion where we got the chance to give and receive, although to some people we could give in every occasion we want to. But alas, here is the chance and as usual, wanting to give is easy, to do it is the harder bit, but the hardest is to pick up the right present for our beloved ones.

So again, I don't want to sound bias, but this British brand, Burberry, as usual, make the whole gifting season so much easier with the range of varieties for suitable gifts for our partners, parents, boss, siblings, etc.

And I as usual, being the busybody, helped to pick up a few of things that I definitely think would be perfect to fill in those stockings hanging above the fireplaces.

F O R  T H E  G E N T L E M E N
F O R  T H E  L A D I E S

and last but not least, the gifts that get the inner boy in me out are definitely these! TEDDY BEARS!
No ordinary bears, (L-R): Studded Calf Hair Teddy Bear SGD1795, Check Cashmere Teddy Bear SGD1075, Alligator Leather Teddy Bear SGD5395

Images courtesy of Burberry


Sam said...

All of these picks are just stunning, love the cute teddies and the beautiful cuffs.

Carlyn Brody said...

Congratulations on surviving the first year architecture. I hope you and your siblings continue to have success in your education. I love the teddy bears, particularly the one in the middle.

Mitha Komala said...

what would i do for that heart loafers. so cuuute <3

Letters To Juliet

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