3 August 2010

030810 REBECCA

Fort Lewis, WA

1. Why do you choose “THE CLOTHES HORSE” as your blog name?
and how did you manage to start a blog?

I like the term “The Clothes Horse” because it is slightly antiquated, not many people use a clothes horse to dry clothes anymore and I do have a retro/vintage look. My family also happens to use a clothes horse. I also liked the fact that the term has multiple meanings and I wanted the name to imply that I’m the clothes horse and this blog is by me. To me, it left the blog posts more open-ended because it was a blog by a clothes horse (someone obsessed with clothes), rather than a fashion blog (like “The Fashion Paradise” or something).

I started my blog in the summer of 2007; I had just finished a six month stint studying in Japan and was back at my college in rural PA working in a lame campus job. I basically felt like I was going crazy and needed a creative outlet. I read so many blogs that it seemed like a natural thing to start my own.

2. Where do you usually get the stuff in your wardrobe?

There really isn’t “one” place; probably 50% is bought online through various websites and the other 50% is hunted down at antique malls, thrift stores, and the occasional chain store (I don’t live near chain stores or malls).

3. If you got a chance to choose, would you like to be fashion blogger that sitting in the front row of every fashion show, models, or fashion designer?

Is the question would I rather sit front row, or be a model, or be a designer? Currently, I’d love to be the girl who gets to sit front row because I really appreciate so many designers and it would be very inspiring to see them all up close. I might like to be a designer, but just a sort of niche person with maybe a small online boutique; I do like creating and have made a lot of accessories for myself. I would never want to be a model (and at 5’1” I don’t really see it as an option); it’s just not a career I would enjoy.

4. Can you tell us more about your passion in fashion? Do you sew or make DIY stuffs?

My love is really for personal style, or clothes as an extension of who I am. I used to be very shy and dress to blend, but as I got more comfortable with myself, my fashion became a way to express myself. I do sew and I like to make things, although I’m more likely to customize pieces than make from scratch. From scratch I have made a few skirts, purses, dress, and even a bow belt…but my DIY projects are very irregular.

5. What is your favorite quote?

“Behold I do not give lectures or simple charity. When I give, I give myself.” –Walt Whitman

6. Fashion and style are something that is different right? Can you tell me how do you find it different?

To me, fashion is very broad and tends to be more about the literal clothes. Personal style isn’t really about the clothes, or trends, it’s about self-expression; a lot of people with great style don’t stay up to date with the “world of fashion.” They don’t follow runway collections or know the hip fashion terms, but they use their appearance as a way to project who they are.

7. Lots of people might wrong to make the judgments that fashion is all about branded stuff, what is your opinion about this?

Fashion isn’t about brands at all—or shopping, people who assume that are completely wrong. Fashion can be art. Fashion is also a reflection of our time; our socioeconomic situation and culture. People can try to put fashion into a box, but they’re still wearing clothes and remaining ignorant to what fashion says not just about them, but their country’s history and current political/social/economic climate. Look at how flappers used fashion to express their desire for social and political change—clearly our clothes say a lot about us even if we aren’t conscious of it.


8. And where do you get all your fashion inspiration?

Oh, everywhere! I live in the countryside, so I’m inspired by the fields, lakes, and forests around me; especially color-wise. I also enjoy the style of different bloggers and find them very inspiring. In addition, I find inspiration in current and past runway collections, vintage films, and magazine editorials.

9. Yeah! My birthday is coming soon right? What will you wish me??

Oh, everything your heart desires. :) But mostly for a really beautiful, memorable day; possessions tarnish and fade, but your memories of a wonderful day spent with people who love you will last forever.



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