29 May 2010

.checked rules.

I am back [again] !
today is such a rainy day. it has been raining from the afternoon until now!
so the weather in the pics will be quite dark as the rain is still dropping! :)


"the chocolate bar"
thrift store coat, t-shirt - guess, skirt - burberry kids, lacey socks - korea, unbranded boots, pearl bracelet - mom's vintage, unbranded ribbon clip.

"checked tile"
dress - burberry kids, puffy headband - thrift store, socks - korea, flat shoes - substance, pearl bracelet - mom's vintage.

thanks for your visit!
and btw, I got a new haircut :D *wink wink
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[another] btw is my beloved grannie bday is today!
all the best for her, best luck, health and wealth


all the sweets

I am really sorry for a few days hiatus
I am back to medan now :)
and fill you with pics of my younger sister!
both of my elder and younger sis are having examination now! wish them luck!
*my elder sister is so serious as she didn't have the mood to take pic

have some treats for u guys! ♥

"sailor-taste caviar"
sleeveless shirt (worn inside) - guess, sleeveless shirt (worn outside)- old navy, unbranded shorts, unbranded tight, zara ankle boots, strappy headband - korea, random bangles - korea, name necklace & apple necklace - LA disneyland.

"checked lollipop"
sleeveless shirt (worn inside & outside) - guess jeans, unbranded shorts, unbranded tight, checked ribbon worn as handband, white bangles - korea, heels - charles and keith, red headband - diva

"the redish radish"
red dress-guess, unbranded tight, red headband - diva, white heels-charles and keith, random bangles.
PINK red doggy.

enjoy the treats!
I will be back with more sweets!
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26 May 2010

the meaningful wake up call

26th May 2010

Dear GOD, 
I am really thankful for YOUR blessings. You are amazing. I learn something after I went to Tj.Balai, Karimun Island,      Indonesia. where the condition is not as good as either Medan or Singapore. There is no any tall building in the whole island and the tallest building is just like 10 storey.
I was amazed by the fact that people there are really happy although their lifestyle are really simple. You can see the old man and auntie sitting on the coffee shop so happily chit-chatting. Those kids playing in front of their house, and also those farmers and shopkeepers happily doing their work. Sometimes, although we are staying in the city that is much more better compared to theirs, we are still not thankful of what You have given us. we won't get satisfied easily. I admit it. When we went to the madrasah school, the students there are asked to give some opening words to us in English and I know they hardly did it, but amazingly, one of the student stood up and gave the opening words. Although his english isn't that good but at least he had the confidence to speak. I should also admit that not everyone can be that brave. During the class time, the kids are really happy sitting inside the hot class although the female students need to wear veil and long sleeve shirt and skirt, and the kids are really paying attention to what we said. I am blessed to meet them and that is kinda a wake up call for me to be more thankful and stop complaining. OH GOD You are beyond Amazing. 



17 May 2010

we run we jump and we ROCKZ!

ANOTHER VISIT TO SENTOSA! I mean the universal studio!

after the ride. jurassic park ride. puss in boots. madagascars

captain hooks.magician and chaplin hat.best student?

hershey's GIANT bar.hershey's kisses

pepperlunching! ♥

The Room Icing! ♥ @ 313
this is simply cute! you can decorate the cake as what you want!

*sorry for the not so good quality! this camera had been set to some resolution or something that caused a lot of noises! screw it! I am thinking of getting a DSLR.. uugh i want it :/

okay okay! I have not been updating for quite a while and I realize that I am not really focusing on fashion is it? well well my life is not only for fashion, I still got tons of thing to share with you guys so just keep reading :)
I had done with my exams! so I am now praying for good results..
and I super super ♥ with lots of friends coming to visit me.
That's just GREAT

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14 May 2010


the new thrift store located at jalan pisang 19

 *their unique collection

their store :)